Sunday, January 08, 2006


Welcome to Reckless Glue.

We figured it was time to at least throw a bit of a blog together since we get enough requests from people at craft sales for a website, and Marnie and I are such techno-phobes that we just can't ever really seem to get it together. So, that said, this is us, easing ourselves into it...

We will do our best to update on craft sales we'll be attending, and any new merchandise we lazily manage to crank out. As always, our stuff is available directly through us or from Kim's store in Ottawa, Soho Betty.

In a nutshell these days, we are mostly all about home accessories with Razzle, and our basic DIY mission is to sparklize almost anything we come into contact with, particularly home accessories like:

Toilet Seats! Lightswitch covers! Telephones! Garbage Cans! Tissue box covers.... you get the idea ;)

we were big on jewelry and purses and hair accessories for awhile, but it's kind of fallen by the wayside with the popularity of and time involved in making the seats. We will never rule it out though, so if you have a special request, let us know.

Check back often, we love making crafty new friends!

xo Cara & Marnie