Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HAWT pink

yes...hot pink-a colour I'm surprised I even had in my stash!

I always think I'm such a "neutrals" girl but yesterday as I was looking at my Ravelry projects page I was struck by how colourful everything was. I'm not sure if that's just "how I take a picture" --I tend to like fairly saturated images--or if it's actually that everything in my life is more colourful than I give it credit for (It is slightly ironic that I am a vintage lover but do not like this current trend of post-processing all photos to have a vintage feel to them).

Maybe I've just been saying "I'm a neutrals girl" for so long that it's become part of my daily lexicon, true or not. I'm sure all of the colourful tights in my wardrobe would have something to say about this.

Still, I'm hard-pressed to generally wear anything THIS brain-metingly PINK on a regular basis:

And honestly I had to cool these photos down so it wouldn't sear your retinas out of your head the second you loaded this page.

painfully pink boot toppers

These were a little project that I started MONTHS ago in an effort to simply get-this-pink-outta-my-stash and after seeing a similar pair knit by Crispianna on Ravelry. (And how much do I love those boots she's wearing...me want!).

Seriously I think I started these back in September expecting to wear them all fall with tights and dresses, but the tiny needles started to rub my fingers the wrong way and I just dropped the project altogether right when I was in the home stretch. They languished with about an inch to go until I finally just did.it.to.get.it.done. Now they become my "first official project of 2012". ( I am obviously easing into the New Year...)

So what would you call these? Boot toppers? Footless socks? Miniature legwarmers? (I am not embarrassed to admit that I have always been a "legwarmers" girl--even when they went horribly out of fashion, so this is not a stretch for me).

Also note: I am not likely to wear them as I have them pictured. I have been tucking them into boots more like socks if I'm wearing them with jeans, so they are usually hidden. With tights I am wearing them more like legwarmers, so they are definitely visible then, if that helps.

Size-wise this is a far cry from all the blankets and rugs I've been knitting lately, and I am definitely OK with that.

yarn: Rowan lightweight DK in pink (about 1.5 skeins)
needles: 3.25 mm

pattern: CO 48 sts, join in round, K2 P1 rib for as long as you like (mine are probably around 9 or 10 inches). BO loosely, weave in your ends.

Wear & enjoy warm ankles.


Sarah Teapot said...

perfect! i've wanted to knit some leg warmers for a while now, but they're all really fancy or too bulky. this is just what i was looking for.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I LOVE leg warmers. I'm knitting some over the knee ones right now. I think the pink is a good choice, I actually have some bright pink yarn in my stash right now (and for the last 3 years), this might be the perfect use for it!

Andi said...

I love them and the bright pink. I tend to think of myself as a loud color person, but I find myself attracted to neutrals a lot of the time. Maybe you're like me and you like almost all colors?

Evelyn said...

I say "let them out!" and don't hide them like socks. I'm a neutral gal, too, but every now and then, hot pink is too fun to pass up.

kgirl said...

they're aweseome! love the styling with the boots and jeans.

Allison said...

How fun! Love them!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I agree what fun! They are so cute.

the greenhorn knitter said...

These are fantastic! I have the perfect pair of boots that would be perfect with these. The cute look of bunched up socks without the bulk in your boot! Nice!