Sunday, July 10, 2011

Go big or go home

uh oh--I am almost three months to the day since my last post...and I wish I could give you an amazing reason as to why (but alas, you know how THAT goes!).

So to make it up to you I have come back in a big way.

A big BLANKET-Y way (no I am not talkin' about M.J's kid)

pattern: Missoni inspired blanket by Kelly Kingston
yarn: Cascade 220 (check ravelry for the list of all the colours I used)
needles: 4mm

this picture is a bit of an optical was actually laying smooth and flat on the floor when I took it

So, I guess the moral of this story is don't ever let them tell you bigger isn't better? Just kidding. I think. It's definitely more impressive when it's bigger because the reality is this was an easy knit. Straight stockinette that dare I say actually went up FAST. Though I think that has something to do with the mental game you play with yourself when you are switching colours: "ok, just two rows of this black, I'll finish those before I take a break...." "Fours rows of orange? lemme just finish those before I start dinner". And then suddenly it's done.

And also kind of timely because I am pretty amped up about the fact that Missoni is also the next designer line that's been announced for Target this fall. (Almost as excited as I was to hear that Target is finally coming to Canada--tho not until 2014) so looks like I will still be trudging my way to New York state as usual to get my target designer line fix---save me some stuff ok people?

This is definitely the biggest thing I have knit to date (and is kind of making me feel somewhat accomplished after so many previous sweater FAILs). The only real anguish involved was agonizing over the colours. It's definitely a lot louder than something I'd normally knit, and if I had to do it again would probably still tweak some of the more neon-ish colours in it (like that lime or the lilac) for something less obnoxious. Still, I think as a whole it all works, and I will be more than proud to drape it on my bed or couch this winter.

What didn't feel fast to knit (but was smaller and probably even easier to knit) ---this baby blanket:

basketweave blanket

pattern: Basketweave blanket by Classic Elite
yarn: Bamboo Ewe in "Mercury" (4.5 skeins)
needles: 4mm I think?
mods: 160 stitches, seed stitch border instead of garter

Well go figure...endless solid grey-- knit 4, purl 4. Man I was SO glad to finally see the back of this one!

But I must say, I was very happy with how it turned out. The yarn is soft but substantive and easy-care and I didn't want to make it overtly scream "BABY" (even though it was in fact a baby gift). It just seemed a little more versatile in a neutral colour like this in case they wanted to use it as a throw instead.

So for me, blanket appears to be the new black. I am heartily tempted to knit the Missoni one again. The colour combinations and permutations are endless and would probably go a long way towards wiping out some of the colours in my stash that I am less fond of and don't know what the hell to do with. Though god knows I have a long history of saying "I am definitely knitting this again!" and then never following through (there's just too many new things out there to catch my fancy!)

Maybe some matching pillows though? I need to do something with all that leftover lime & lilac!