Wednesday, July 07, 2010


There's a SALE going on at Phildar right now.

Don't be scared, many of you often ask me about these French patterns, but the truth is that most of them come in English now (usually they include an English insert with the French patterns) so have NO FEAR (in fact you should get yourself one of those no fear bumper stickers while you're at it, just to prove how phildar-fearless you've become). And really, even if they were still ONLY available in French, and you had absolutely no grasp of the language, you'd probably still find the patterns easier to decipher than say Wenlan Chia's first book. (ZING!) God love her, the errattas and sizing weren't as big a deal in subsequent books at least...

So have gander at some of these cuties that need to make their way into your queue:




(though YES, I can appreciate that I've pretty much already knit this sweater in the form of the Raglan Wrap)

MUST make:

Ok, this one I have actually been eyeing for some time, so I think I need to at least buy the book. I get that it's basically a weird vest-belt (a velt? a best?) but I'm still totally drawn to it...

and also, this:

This would no doubt look like ASS on me but whatevs, I can picture myself falling asleep in a snowbank with it on it looks so darn snuggly.

And there are plenty more that I could link to that I love, but you get the idea. Phildar must have a team of knitters working around the clock to crank out all these awesome knits.

I always find that with the Phildar books I do have, I go back to them again and again....long after I've lost interest in Interweave (or even Vogue knitting for that fact). When I go back to older Phildar catalogues I re-discover new things that I want to knit that I missed the first time through. And when they're out of print and I didn't BUY myself a copy? Wahhhh! I always regret it, so I find they're worth picking up. And eventually they almost always go on sale, so it's worth it to be on their mailing list (though at this point , what mailing lists am I NOT on?)

My LYS has also started to carry some Phildar catalogues, but it's a bit of a crap shoot as to what she has in stock. But enough talk, where did I put my credit card?!

Monday, July 05, 2010

I-cord rules

Ok, why am I not smart enough to knit something like this and then sell it for $375 myself???

These Matt lamps were made by Berlin designer Ilot Ilov --aren't they cool?

I feel vaguely as though if I were to create something like this I'd be starting fires all over the place. --No doubt why I dropped the industrial design program before I even began it and got an English degree instead...(math, pffft who needs it!)