Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As I knit and breathe

The longer one is away from their blog, the more daunting the task of returning it seems...

So to that end, simple proof that I still exist!

Ok, so I won't pretend that this recently flew off the sticks or anything. I actually knit this in April to go with my wedding dress (yes black, I know but I was toying with a B&W (&red) theme-- white dress, black sash etc. etc.). And most of you who already read here know that I've been working on about a million of these shrugs in different colours before finally settling on black. I did a white one, an ivory one, a dark grey, a dark brown, a mustard one....(I know I'm missing a couple there), but in the end, this was "the one".

Except that it WASN'T "the one", and about two weeks before the wedding I went with a completely different dress that required no shrug. Seen here if you're interested. At any rate, I pretty much have a shrug for every dress I own now!

Now, let us never speak of said wedding again.

But speaking of the wedding... HAHA fooled you! --there's been very little knitting since. Virtually everything I started after Christmas has subsequently been abandonned.

Now that could just be a summer-time thing. I'm not as inclined to knit as much in the summer. Or it could just be a ME thing...every year I seem to crank out less and less (quality, not quantity, right??)

But recently I am back on that train baby! (and starting small so as to feel progress being made more quickly)...




Though this last one has kind of made me question my sanity a bit...definitely the smallest yarn I've ever knit with. And the STATE of said yarn (constant breakage) has finally driven home to me the fact that I have a MOTH problem.

Not sure why it has taken me so long to realize this (I've never had moths before so killing the odd one didn't seem like a very big deal) but after a favourite cashmere sweater this past winter suddenly turned up with tiny holes, and virtually every night now I see or kill a little moth dude on my bedroom wall, I obviously have a bigger problem than I realized. I think it's officially time to deal with this.

Perusing the internet today for information has only served to depress me further...seems they never really go away and I might be dealing with this 4-evah. (Not to mention how itchy I've been all day just having had to think about them). If there's one thing I CANNOT ABIDE, it's bugs. (Also why I am prone to being half-assed when it comes to gardening...I just can't handle the creepy-crawlies).

My one saving grace is my stash. I really don't have anything I can't live without if it all disintegrated tomorrow (ok well maybe there are a few things I couldn't live without), but I'm not really a hoarder of insanely good yarn, and don't really have that much of a stash compared to most knitters.

So there you have it: Some small things being knit, and some yarn getting eaten.