Wednesday, June 17, 2009

free pattern alert!

I always love coming across free knitting patterns that I never knew existed. Actually maybe I should amend that to free modern knitting patterns (why is it only ever patterns from the nineties I seem to stumble upon?) And, I'm hurting for some inspiration these days so this couldn't have come at a better time.

Found this one via my friends over at Desire to Inspire.

The Puff Daddy knitted stool from Pickles.

Have any of you ever been on this site before? It appears to be Norwegian. Though like most Norwegians, there is some flawless English spoken there too. Personally I know how to say about three things in Norwegian (apart from hello of course):

1) turn up the music
2) I have to pee
3) you have beautiful eyes and I want you SO much

So, at least I have the fundamentals covered, but that still wouldn't really help me if I had to read an actual knitting pattern in said language.

This stool also appeals to me, as some of you might remember this post from awhile back about these poufs:

but at $1600 apiece, I think i'll just take Pickles' free pattern instead, thanks.

Other cute things from pickles:

and lots and lots of adorable kids' things:

Head on over and check Pickles out if you haven't already...I think there's something for all--craft tutorials, crochet patterns, sewing patterns (there is an adorable pattern for a bike seat cover I'm eyeing...) and oh yeah: CUPCAKES.

Sweet Marie I wish I was devouring about a half-dozen of those right now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

help m-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e

I think I am beyond help on this one. But here's my latest white whale.

Much like the aforementionned Moby Dick's white whale, this scarf is virtually all I'm capable of focusing on right now. Though unlike Ishmael, I'm going after this thing in a really half-assed way.

Ok I will stop now with the Moby Dick symbolism. I've never actually read that book (it's the former Literature-major in me...I am prone to sudden bouts of bullshitting my way through essay-type questions). It took me many years to learn how to self edit and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you start seeing my blog posts in point form.

I mean, this is typically the point where handmade scarves CEASE to be knit. It's SIX FEET long already.

So uh, yeah. Six feet long already and I'm not half-way done yet??? Something is seriously wrong here. I know it's supposed to go to 9 feet, but it'll be more like 12 at this rate. I may have to seriously shorten the center section if ths thing is to be at all wearable in the end.

It's a bit of a conundrum for me right now. I have zero interest in starting anything new until it's done, yet I also have zero interest in knitting this thing too. I pick it up every evening and knit about a centimetre in length. What's wrong with me? I know I've been busy lately, and it's summer now but still...I seem to find myself either reading books or flipping through magazines in the evenings when I'm home. Anything to avoid this beast.

Even the S.O commented last night "you've lost interest in knitting?". Is he right? Or is this just a phase? I'm one of those knitters that never suffers from "startitis". More like "finish-itis". Even when I know something is horrible (and don't get me wrong ---this scarf isn't). I am still compelled to see things through to the end. I am incapable of abandonning any kind of project until it is completely done (then I usually forget about it forever). I am very obedient. I always do what I am told, and this scarf is no exception. See---I told you I needed a magazine rack for all of my issues....

So to that end, I think I need to spend some quality time trolling new patterns that will inspire me to actually pick up the needles again.
Though preferably small, fast and satisfying projects.