Saturday, September 17, 2011

go small and stay home?

Soooooo, after the magnitude that was my Missoni-inspired blanket and the madness that was Missoni-for-Target...----wait, whaaaaa? you hadn't heard about this? Alex does a great re-cap about the shopping meldown that happened at Target this past week: HERE, so I won't re-hash it all for you, other than to say that "why yes I did get my butt across the border to my nearest Target" and managed to pick myself up a few of said pieces.

And while there were definitely some jerk-y lookin' dudes there filling their carts with items that they clearly planned to immediately flood ebay with, I at least didn't have to say, wrestle Bethenny Frankel for a pillow or anything. Phew! small some ways I wish I had bought more stuff, but in reality I am sure I have more.than.enough. zig-zags in my life right now.

My love of obnoxious sixties fashions aside, it was simply fortuitous timing that I even made that blanket, and all week I have been watching the "favourites" of that knit sky-rocket on my raverly page. Cascade 220 in "lime"...who knew?

And indeed after such a giant knit, I found myself needing to make smaller knits, STAT!

and they don't get a lot smaller than this cute 'lil dude:

totes adorbs, yes?

pattern: here

Also small and satisfying,

definitely in love with this hat and the YARN:

The colour just seemed to work up so gorgeous. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Vintage, and the colourway was called "Thunderstorm". I dunno, maybe I am just starved for some nice/new yarns. It really was the first "new" yarn I had purchased in some time (and I don't count "work-horse-type yarns" like Patons Classic or Cascade 220 that I always seem to fall back on for one project or another). This past year I have been hell-bent on stash busting so I think I am just SO tired of looking at the same old stuff (not to mention the same colours I always seem to be drawn to...)

Speaking of "same old yarns":

these are the Daisy stitch handwarmers from the Purl Bee.

Can I just say, I am in looooooooove with these. I don't think I've ever knit myself a pair of gloves/mitts etc. that fit so well. And these will be perfect now that the temperature is starting to cool off around here.

And finally, and ok maybe this isn't actually a small knit since it took about 6 balls of Sublime cashmere/merino/silk DK to make, but it was at least mindless and enjoyable.

The iconic Clapotis.

And yes, I do think the Clapotis has more than attained it's due of "icon status" in the kitting world. Has there ever been an item knit more than this in the modern knitting realm? I think this is my third one. If you haven't knit one before, I think you should, and if you've never heard of this pattern, I can only assume you just fell out of some vortex from another dimension and found this blog post by mistake.


So there you have it, maybe if I updated more often I wouldn't be trying to cram so many knits into one post? I am actually toying with the idea of scrapping this blog and moving over to something like tumbler which will be a little more photo-intensive and less of me rambling on and on.

Oh wait, here's four more small knits that I forgot about:

Details on Ravelry HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Geez, I guess that was "my summer in knits"? I managed to cram a vacation in there somewhere too.