Tuesday, November 02, 2010

and speaking of fringe...

Super dupes cute scarf pattern from Twinkle:

Twinkle scarf

pattern: Boysenberry scarf from Twinkle's weekend knits
yarn: Patons Classic Roving in "Natural" (I think...)
needles: US #17
mods: aditional garter stich rows were knit -- another 30 rows

boysenberry scarf

For a while there I was koo-koo for all things Twinkle, but I quickly grew to realize that an uber chunky knit was maybe not the best for my body type (still I will probably be first in line again when she comes out with a new book!). I kept at it though...big needles and big yarn and cranking out an uber fast sweater is pretty freakin' satisfying. Better to stick with accesories here I think though then go out of my way to look like a linebacker every day if I can avoid it.

The yarn was a gift from super fabulous Miss Muffy last Christmas and it's first incarnation: the Mobius cowl was a bit of a fail, so I'm happy to have found a pattern it's really working with.

It's a smaller yarn than the Twinkle soft chunky so I knit about another 30 or so rows to the length, and left the width as is. In retrospect I could have easily knit an additional 60 rows---I'd probably like it to be a bit longer still and may even tear back to do so. The Patons roving has no doubt made for a lighter/airier version of this scarf, which is probably a good thing given it's overall size.

Twinkle scarf
gotta love those "warts"!

Anyway I'm pretty happy with this on all points --it looks good, feels good, and even better was a super fast knit (a couple hours maybe?) the most time consuming was probably tying on the fringe at the end.

boysenberry scarf

And it's neutral colour probably means it will see a lot of wear!