Monday, February 13, 2012

knitting & technology

Sooo, I meant to post this ages ago, but never got around to it. Better late than never? (Especially since there's not much "new" knitting to speak of right now, heh)

I knit this for my sister for Christmas...

And in case you were unsure, it's an ipad sleeve! I knit it in some lionbrand cottonease I had in the stash...and it's a free pattern from Emily Nimz.

My only gaffe was in "pattern assumption"...I had basically finished knitting it in it's entirety before I realized the pattern called for a special cast-on that would have allowed for a seamless bottom. D'oh! But I wasn't about to tear back and just seamed it up instead. That's what I get for just plunging in and casting on my usual way.

I was trying to hold out for pictures of it with the ipad inside, but it completely slipped my mind on Xmas day and I just never got around to it again. Ah well, she assures me it fits!

I like to tease my sister about her intense ipad addiction, but it seems that I too have now joined the iphone revolution...

All that to say... if you'd like to follow me on instagram my handle is: recklessglue. You can be my like 5th friend (sad, I know haha).

I mean let's get real, instagram was the main reason I even bought an iphone in the first place! But if you have suggestions for any fun apps send 'em my way (I have already kind of gone app-crazy...I think in the first week alone I loaded about 15 different camera apps) but are there any good knitting ones? I almost loaded a stitch/row counter but then thought better of it. (When was the last time I even counted rows?). I need like a lazy-knitter app or something. Or maybe one that will just

And I'm sure I'm kind of late to this party but I'm also on Pinterest now too. BOY HOWDY do I love being able to pin knitting patterns and various inspirations. Easy Peasy...

See you somewhere on the internets!