Monday, January 09, 2012

2011 re-cap

Ok, well I will spare you my drawn out 2012 "knitolutions" (I do have some regular resolutions that mostly include "NO MORE INTERNET SHOPPING" but that's another story) and 2011 re-cap apart from getting my feet wet for 2012 with this mosaic:

2011 knits
Click the mosaic to be taken to links of all these items
(sorry it's teeny tiny, you can also see it much larger on flickr)

Did you think I had disappeared for the month of December?

You'd be just about right given that most knitting came to a standstill (TG I was on the ball with earlier Xmas knits this year) and I only managed to crank out a couple of wee items in the last month or so (mostly due to taking a knitting "break" in an effort to heal some repetitive strain) --so I will attempt to post about those little items soon.

For now I leave you with that mosaic of 2011 knits. I already can't wait to see what my 2012 mosaic will look like!

Smell ya later 2011!

hey girl, I know this is old news but has everyone seen these?

Naturally I think all of the knitting ones are hilarious, but some other crafty favourites include:

"Hey Girl, Don't stress about me stepping on that pin. It's my fault for walking barefoot through the dining room" and "Hey girl, I"m sorry only 12 people entered your blog giveaway".

heh. Oh breaker high, how far you've come.

Enjoy...I loves me an adorable meme.


brooke weeber said...

Hahaha! I love those Hey Girl pics! I hadn't seen the craft themed ones.
Congrats on all your finished projects, you're so prolific!

Becca said...

I'm with you on the knitolutions! And love handmade Ryan! :) x

Anonymous said...

those are hysterical!!! I love them all :-D

yodafatkitty said...

I wanna steal those Gosling knit pic's reeeeel bad!
So cute!!
Hope your new year is starting out grand!

lizzlizzlizz said...

I've missed seeing your posts! I loved the photo mosaic. I was inspired all over again when I saw your projects.