Monday, July 05, 2010

I-cord rules

Ok, why am I not smart enough to knit something like this and then sell it for $375 myself???

These Matt lamps were made by Berlin designer Ilot Ilov --aren't they cool?

I feel vaguely as though if I were to create something like this I'd be starting fires all over the place. --No doubt why I dropped the industrial design program before I even began it and got an English degree instead...(math, pffft who needs it!)


Thea said...

so cool! And I love the wedding pics and shrug from the last few posts.

hibou said...

Ack! I feel the same when I see simple knit projects. Like, HEY! I could be making money off this!

Victory Garden Yarn said...

That was actually my first thought: Flames, flames!! I seem to have that type of luck when it comes to mixing medias... :)

Rainy Daisy said...

hooray for English degrees!

You know, people who are verbally competent are perceived as more intelligent. Not to mention all those critical-thinking skills.