Friday, August 24, 2007

progress report?

Ok, well I'm quite aware that I haven't posted anything in a while, and I really haven't taken any new photos to regale y'all with either, but I feel as though I have to put something up here if only to keep it fresh. I start to panic that too much time away means that I will never come back to this blog, and life's been busy lately, and will just become increasingly so over the next few months. Same goes for my livejournal. I've basically been forcing myself to post there lately since I haven't in the last six months or so, and people keep sending me all these little email "nudges". Who knew you could even do that? Not eye.

SO, here is one angora mitten:

and here's a blurry photo of me looking bored with it:

(image deleted)

And pale. Don't forget fish belly white. Boy that's a bad angle. It's like I have one mini arm and one jumbo arm. Ever see that King of Queens episode? Anyway...

That mitten has been single for almost a month now. The cuff on the other is completed and I know it wouldn't take much to just crank it out and be done with it, so what the hell is my problem?! Allergies I guess. AND an obsession with the nautical sweater which I had hoped to be done knitting by now. At this rate it won't even be done by this weekend, and I am DREADING how much finishing is actually involved with that piece. The completed tally so far: the back, the front, and one and a half sleeves. The bulk of it, really. I'm anxious to start some new things though, but I am holding off until it's done.

The dropped stitch vest? Indefinitely on hold. I did a little searching for it online, and really found that I was not at all liking the vest on other people, so now I'm re-thinking it altogether for myself. If the skinny minnies of the world aren't pulling it off then me and my hooters certainly won't be either. It's sitting on my desk right now looking at me. I don't think I've ever knit anything that I've hated knitting this much. And I'm feeling supremely guilty about it. Like it or lump it I usually hate UFOs and cannot abide having ANY. Is that weird?

Alright, that's all I've got...I'll try and take some photos of my sea of navy wool this weekend!


Miss Muffy said...

What are you talking about? That photo is cute! Plus, tans are overrated (coming from the girl who tried to get one all summer!)

That dropped stitch vest? I didn't like it on the model in the book, so I figured I wouldn't like it on me either. Some garments just don't flatter anyone!

Reckless Glue said...

true enough! now I feel vaildated about that vest.

Sarah said...

I like the idea of that vest but think I'm with you guys on how flattering a garment it is.

Can't wait to see the navy, you knit so much you shouldn't be worried about the mitten - if it's still unfinished when it turns cold then you should get concerned.

Thanks for the Esther vote :o)

Reckless Glue said...
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