Monday, January 19, 2009

thank you

I really want to thank all of you for you amazing, incredible, supportive and understanding comments on my last post about the untimely passing of my cat Archie.

Your words meant more to me than you will ever know, and those of you who shared your stories about the loss of your own furry friends really, REALLY helped me through this, and for that I will be eternally thankful. It is all the more meaningful to me because I know that's not why most of you come here, and that those of you who do read here are likely knitters, so the fact that you took that time is really humbling for me. We are all connected in so many fundamental ways.

As I begin to come out of the haze of this last week I am trying to move forward with a new perspective on (many) things, and am endeavouring not to dwell on it (particularly here) as a total Debbie Downer. I just really did not want you to go unacknowledged in all of this...A thousand hugs and a thousand heartfelt thank-yous!!!!

The art of getting back to "business as usual" is a bit of a process for me, as I know it should be. If nothing else this kitty business has proven to me that I could never. have. kids (!) And suffice to say I have not knit a stitch all week (nor really slept or eaten, but it's all slowly starting to get better). I had some new WIPS started before this all went down, so for lack of any real description, maybe i'll post the pretty, happy pictures here for you:

a chunky ribbed cowl

sideways grande cloche

the Raglan Wrap cardi

the Nati sweater

Anyway, there is lots for me to eventually get back around to. I'm also heading off to California and Las Vegas in a couple of weeks so have some serious travel knitting ahead of me.

I'm excited that Patons has come out with this silk bamboo...and see myself knitting it into Knitty's lace ribbons scarf somewhere on my road trip through the desert...

This trip could basically not have come at a better time.


Virtuous said...


Anytime my dear ;o)

You have some great knitting projects going on too!

And I am happy you have this big trip coming up too!

Keep getting thru! You will!

Julia said...

Glad to hear you're wading out of the fog. Those projects look fabulous!

Sarah said...

You've got a lovely bunch of projects waiting for you when you feel up to knitting again. Take care of yourself x

ern said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

Have a great time on your trip! Its been so long since I've been to the west coast, tell it I said hello!

knitlit kate said...

i am so sorry about your kitty cat archie. i can only imagine the sadness you must feel. take care and keep going with your beautiful projects. xoxo kate