Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hooters sweater

Yup it's a Hooters sweater. Because of the owls? I suppose...but more because it makes my bazooms look gigantic.

(I promise you, in real life they are more distracting --um, in this sweater that is)

And I'm a d-cup as it is, so I definitely do not need them looking any bigger...I'm really more of a "play them down" type than a sweater-girl type. When I wear V-neck sweaters I often worry that I am "busting out". Boobs are a serious pain in the ass to me.

I will stop talking about my boobs now and give you the deets:
pattern: Owls by Katie Davies
yarn: Sirdar Tweedie Chunky in "Cedar" (6 balls? maybe a bit more...) --I knit the s/m (3rd size in)
needles: 6.5mm

So I mean what can I say...the pattern is free and "owls" have been the new black in the indie craft world for years now I would venture. Really, aren't they done? Owls are the new fawns? Owls are the old Octopii? I dunno. Cute animals...who can get enough, really? About 800 people on ravelry have knit this sweater.

Check out this version:

(adorable! from EricaG on ravelry)

Fortunately it was a fun and fast knit, with very little finishing. Sort of. Sewing on the thirty six button eyes was an entire evening's work. I despise sewing on even ONE button, so this was not a task I enjoyed.

In the end though, still a cute sweater...just incredibly unflattering on me --the curse of the chunky yarn (when will I learn?). I couldn't be bothered to block it, which may have helped in that regard, and the dark green tweed was difficult to photograph with any real success in the details. Still, there are so many of them knit on ravelry that there is no shortage to look at.

I tried to go for a green button that would essentially blend--I pretty much do this with all buttons/sweaters...after all that knitting I never want the buttons to somehow beome a focal point!

Knitting a sweater top up really limits your ability to try it on as well. I added an extra inch in the length of the body. Not a good idea in the end. My sweater is virtually a crotch-covering tunic. Even the arms wound up being longer than anticipated, even though I was endlessly trying them on as I went.

Now the question remains: to frog or not to frog? I think it may still be a banging around the house go-to sweater. However now that it's done, I definitely know that I don't have enough yarn leftover to complete this:

and really, given the unflattering nature of the yarn itself, could I even be bothered to put that yarn towards ANY other sweater? le sigh.

I think whatever's left of that wool is destined to become hats and mitts...

Julia probably has the right idea: use a thinner yarn and knit a larger size. I am presently trying to employ this principle in a winter shrug I am attempting to "summer-ify". Shrug experiment number 2 that is. But more on that to come.


e said...

aw man.
i don't think it makes your boobs look THAT huge. but if you don't feel comfortable in it - you can always give it to one of your friends as the gift they are going to be endlessly thankful for.

i hate sewing buttons too. makes me crazy!

Virtuous said...

I LUV it!!!! Despite your hooters and lenght! Perfect color buttons for the Owls too! :o)

This is SO on my list for THIS year!! I want to do bright red with white buttons ;op Of course huh??

Didn't realize it was knitting from the bottom up...bummer...but still want to do it and think yours will be great to still wear!! (cute version of the othe Owls sweater too! Thx for sharing that one)

Sarah said...

Looks cute from here - hope you grow to love it or find someone who will - don't frog it!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think you are being really harsh on that top. From what I can see, it totally suits you. It may just be a question of what you are used to (hint @ batwings).

And yes, what's with the lack of blocking? You can't bemoan a knit until it's properly blocked and worn for a day. Off you go...

andrea said...

I always sew buttons with my sewing machine...it goes soooooo fast. I think it looks awesome, especially contrasting with your hair!

Reckless Glue said...

thanks everyone --I know, I know...self-deprecation is the name of my game (always has been, always will be). I've decided not to frog it. (but am still too lazy to block!)
and also andrea: buttons on a sewing machine???? I have NEVER done this. Though I *am* kind of afraid of my sewing machine.
and miss Virtuos, you could still technically try it on bottom-up...I was just too lazy (hmmm a theme?) to transfer it off my needles onto some yarn.

Deviated Septum said...

I actually think it's super flattering on you and I think it makes your boobs look smaller. I don't know what "frog" means but I'm saying don't do it.

littlebirdbigcity said...

Ooooh, I love it. This is totally on my list, after I finish knitting the other sweater and possibly frogging another. Phew! Busy busy. I love the one with the branch, how cute is that? I'm glad you've decided to keep it. Now, to find the motivation to block....

Anonymous said...

I am starting to wonder if there is more to blocking then a "regular wash and lay flat to dry" - maybe something I've been doing the funneh way all along?

It's that lazy theme, isn't it?

Team Knit ! said...

I thought curves were a good thing! Honestly, I scrolled through the whole post and just looked at the pictures before reading it, and I never once thought that they looks odd in that sweater at all. I don't even think I mentally registered any kind of opinion or thought process on your chest, just that I loved the sweater- the yarn looks awesome, and the buttons are so cute!!

- Julie