Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry New Year?

Oh man, I am painfully slow on the uptake this year... I hope everyone's having a great holiday season!

I did virtually zero Christmas knitting this year. I started out with the best of intentions (as always) and began cranking out random hats. There's 8 other people on my team at work that I was thinking I'd make them for. And then apathy (and some illness) struck me and those plans flew out the window. In the end I came through with approximately 1.5 hats. (I think I've officially banished the .5 in that equation as well).

I had a massage appointment on december 18th, so mostly by virtue of the date (and her general awesomeness) that's who the hat in question went to: my RMT! She has the misfortune of seeing me naked on an almost monthly basis so I suppose it's the least I could do!

pattern: le Slouch by Wendy Bernard (I've knit this several times's the perfect "slouchy" beret I'd say...)
yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky in "wine"
needles: 4mm
mods: I only knit to it's shortest slouch specified. It's more than slouchy enough...

My creepy headform "Sam" makes another appearance, as this picture was really all the energy I could muster in terms of taking a photo of myself wearing it.

I figured this whole exercize would be a great excuse for me to stash-bust. Here's what I've discovered about my ability to stash bust: it's pathetic. This is how things generally go: "I know, I'll knit a hat with that 3/4 ball of Shetland chunky I have left!" knit. knit. knit. "Hmmmmm, I've run out of yarn." drive. to. store. buy. new. ball. knit. knit. knit. Finish hat. (with different dye-lot on top). Put remaining 3/4 of NEW ball of Shetland chunky back in the stash. Stash remains exactly the same."


There's also two newer things on the sticks (also being knit-from-stash, so here's hoping I don't run into the exact same issue...)

The Colonnade shawl from Knitty,

and the Destroyed cowl which will be some nice mindless knitting for me.

Listening to my Stash and Burn podcast recently they were talking about having a knitting "gift box" for all those items you knit and basically have no use for the second they're done (in my case, a SEA of hats) and I thought "Man what a GREAT idea!" So I definitely plan to put that plan into action for 2010. Maybe by Xmas next year I'll just be able to pull from the box for any last minute knit gifts.

I was also gifted some yarn for this for my birthday as well (yes, I'm a Christmas baby...)

Cape Nebuleuse from

I know I'm taking a chance here --how attractive can one look in a blanket with a neck hole? (Y'all know none of us look ggod in our snuggies!) And knitting a cape also flies in the face of my hatred for ponchos. Cape. Poncho. I'm walking a fine line. I've convinced myself that it's the difference between chic and say, covered in mud at Woodstock.

At any rate I have yet to cast on for it...that's likely to happen in the next couple of days. And hopefully I'll be able to get my act together enough for my usual New Year's Knitolutions post and a look back at 2009.

Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

Merry 2010!

And, I don't mind if the posts are rare as long as they continue to make me laugh!

Happy Big New Year.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I can't wait to see that shawl knit up, what a great color! And as for knitting gifts, I'm so so tired of it. It really stresses me out and takes up way too much time. hopefully i won't bother next year, but we'll see....

kgirl said...

teehee, your stash-busting sounds exactly like my version of stash-busting!
The gift box from S&B is a great idea, I'm going to attempt it too in 2010 - we should check on how we go with it?!

Happy New Year, look forward to reading all about your adventures in 2010 :D

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I have the same stash regeneration problem it seems.

And I'm listening to that Stash 'n Burn right at this very moment! Creepy!

Rainy Daisy said...

not only poncho-esque, but with a chunkyish yarn? That's bold. Very bold. But so far, I've seen you pull off some (what would be for me) dubious knits with fantastic style, so why not? If it doesn't work, it can be a house cape or a kitty warmer, right?

yeah, I didn't even try to knit gifts this year. No way, dude.

Julia said...

Aw, man - happy b-day! I really have to start keeping track of people's birthdays. Awesome knitterly plans! I think the cape is definitely chic - it's not like you would be wearing it with cargo pants and birkenstocks anyway!

Cassiemarie said...

Happy New Years!
Love the hat, the color is beautiful!!


e said...

oh girl,

that cape is amazing.
i LOVE it. i'm sure you will look amazing IN it.

Lauren said...

Hah! Loved the part about the stash remaining exactly the same! I've started to make a blanket/afghan thing out of all my random stash. It will probably be hideous, but possibly very warm!

Sayschnicklefritz said...

If one is trim, a chunky poncho looks quite chic, kind of rustic yet sexy-cool. If one is big boned, as it were, that's a different story altogether. I say press forward with the cape/poncho thing. It's French, and you'll look great.

Net said...

How about a woven basket for your knitting projects or the beach. These are from Lantern Moon.

Colored Regenerated Yarns