Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Minimalist cardigan

Minimalist cardigan

pattern: Minimlaist cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum size 35 1/2
yarn: Patons Classic Wool in "evergreen mix" (I think about 4.5 balls?)
needles: 4.5mm
no mods

minimalist cardi

So, you may remember in my last post I was saying that half-way through knitting the back of this sweater I decided it was too big and just commenced knitting the next size down? Well, I'm happy to tell you that I was a good girl and just tore the whole thing out and knit that next size from scratch again. I'm glad I did too because I think the seaming would have been brutal on my first attempt, my decreases were so wonky.

So, that said...my thoughts on this sweater.

Well first of all, I think it's still too big, and probably way too shapeless and boxy for my 5 foot 4'ed-ness. I don't know that even knitting the smallest size would have helped. I think I might just be too busty for a sweater like this?

Because really I am kind of surprised that I'm not head-over-heels in love with it...I am all about the "grandpa" cardigans lately, I generally tend to go for the most basic of knits, and really the drabbest of colours. I know I like a lot of bright sixties mod and patterned things and loud blouses (and kitsch, kitsch, kitsch!--what can I say, it's a sickness), but when it comes to sweaters/cardigans, I am usually neutral, neutral, neutral all the way.

So I feel stumped. I don't hate it. In fact I loved knitting it, and I think the pattern itself is wonderful, it's just...gah I don't know.

For starters all these photos were taken on a hot day... it's about 40 degrees celcius here this week. I wandered around the house in it looking for sunny spots to take pictures in. I was definitely sweaty. Maybe in the fall I'll feel differently about this sweater? I definitely anticipate grabbing it to throw on when the house is freezing.

The other thing kind of bugging me about it is the arms. Way too balloony for my liking I'd say. And normally I think I fancy a puffy sleeve so I'm not sure again why this isn't working for me.

I am debating seaming them up so they're a lot more narrow, so that could really impact the overall shape of this, but whether I'll ever get around to that I just don't know.

I think the key to making this work is to keep it cropped and much more stream-lined, like the model is wearing (also she has no boobs which I am insanely jealous about):

Looking at that picture now I definitely see the difference in the sleeves and am suddenly feeling inspired to fix them.

OR I could just move on to something else...yeah, that's the ticket (that's right, I'm bring THAT expression back). I may just pat myself on the back for completing a sweater in the dead of summer and be done with it.

Also, never thought I'd say this, but I may be ready to splash out on some NICE yarn for my next sweater project. (She says as she realizes there is another patons classic wool cardigan half completed in the living room somewhere...). I am generally pretty frugal about nice yarn when it comes to knitting sweaters (no doubt because I never end up wearing most of my sweaters and hence can't part with all that cash...) and usually reserve the nicer stuff for things like cowls and scarves, the stuff I KNOW I'll wear. "Glamour" items I like to call these haha.

But again, maybe it's just all this knitting with basic wool in the hot summer heat that has me saying this. The reality is that I should not be spending any money on new yarn anyway. There comes a point though when you just get tired of staring at your same old boring stash all the time...regardless of what's in it.

If you're skipping ahead, I think the abbreviated version of this entire post would just be: I am so fucking ready for fall now.


hibou said...

Ha! Me too. I'm always ready for Fall.

Perhaps you have a tall, boobless friend?

Anonymous said...

You know, I think the cardigan would look really different if you altered the sleeves. Although I'm not sure that I agree with you about what alteration to do. I think the balooney-ness would be fine if the sleeves were shorter, like they are in the modeled pic. On you they hit almost bracelet length,and all that volume that just ends mid-wrist is kind of a strange effect. (Like, I'm short [5'1"] and the same thing happens to me when I wear wide leg pants. just makes me look kinda shorter and stubbier). I think you should shorten the arms a bit and then the whole sweater will look great!

(I say all this as someone who is also knitting this sweater right now. Here's hoping mine turns out the right size!)

Eliza said...

i think it's partially where the sleeve length hits you, too. it's kind an odd spot. what about ripping back a few inches of the sleeves and going into the ribbing a bit sooner?

hmmm... perhaps that's more work than you intended?

littlebirdbigcity said...

i see what you mean about the sleeves. Honestly, I don't like the length very much. Right above the wrist doesn't work for me at all. I do love the sweater otherwise! Put it away for awhile, and maybe the next time you pull it out, you'll feel differently about it. Also, having no boobs is NOT all it's cracked up to be.

Julia said...

Ha-ha! I can SO hear your voice saying "I am so fucking ready for fall now."
That said, the cardigan? Good! Forget the boobs, forget the arms... it's the SHOULDERS! The shoulder seam falls off your shoulders. It might mean you have exceptionally petite shoulders, but combined with the big arms? I think the whole thing is probably just too big for you. Snap! I think it still looks super cute though. Oversize sweaters are totally in right now! Just slap on some docs and turn up the Reality Bites soundtrack - the 90's are back, lady!

Reckless Glue said...

thanks everyone! I agree with all those assessments -- the shoulders are too wide on me which ends up making the sleeves too long as well. I guess tearing back on the sleeves is an easy enough fix...i probably shouldn't discount it altogether!

Rainy Daisy said...

agreed. It's time for Fall.

The cardigan looks cozy...kind of "librarian chic?" haha. Maybe you'll put it in the back of the closet and rediscover it again later, when it's not under such close scrutiny. Congrats on finishing a summer sweater. I tried with cotton and didn't get very far.


Anonymous said...

I agree about it being a little too big but the way you have styled your cardigan is also a lot different from the picture of the model. She is wearing a long shirt that makes the sweater a little bit smaller than it is. You are wearing a short shirt that makes the sweater look enormous on you. Still, it looks cozy and warm! And the stitch is really emphasized in that basic color... thumbs up!

yodafatkitty said...

Man, I just finished this in Cascade 220, grey.
Looks a lot like yours, lol. 2nd time knitting one. First one with Patons Classic wool was so big that I lightly felted it and it was still a tad too big.
Made the 39-1/2" this go around as I'm very tall and yes, busty myself :D
I'll let ya know. Oh, and word about those sleeves! I think I could put a grapefruit in there with my huge-ass arms. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I think the problem with that cardigan is that it's meant for people with huge shoulders. I've seen people do it as a top down raglan to sidestep that issue. I do like the color though, very nice.