Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's Neck!

Welcome to fall...

burberry inspired cowl

pattern: Burberry inspired cowl (I think I only did the four repeats that this pattern calls for)
yarn: Mirasol Sulka in "Cinnamon" (4 skeins)
needles: US 10.5


I love it when knitters come up with their own patterns for 800$ designer common folk like style too dammit! God knows I don't anticiptate owning anything purchased full price from Burberry in my lifetime.

I love this Mirasol Sulka, and it has seen several incarnations of me looking for just the right pattern for it. My husband bought it for me all on his lonesome a couple Xmases ago --just walked into a yarn store and picked out one he liked. (I thought that was pretty good for a dude who knows next to nothing about knitting or yarn...) There was this cowl that never really worked out, but this hat that did. And I still thought I had several skeins of it left when I started knitting the burberry-inspired cowl last month.

Turns out I was wrong on that score, and given that it was about two years ago that he got that yarn in the first place I figured there was no way I'd get the same dye lot again...but I did! (maybe no one else was buying it?) I didn't even bother looking for the same dye lot, I was just thankful they hadn't discontinued the colour-- so I grabbed two more, brought 'em home and low and behold --the yarn gods smiled on me!

The same LYS had one of my other favourite yarns on sale as well-- Italian made Lang Silk Dream. So I bought oodles of it (well, oodles for me). This is good news and bad...good news: half price! bad news: probably because it's discontinued :( . Ah well, it's probably time for me to branch out and try something new anyway.

That said (and with favourite on sale yarn in hand), I also knit another Eternity scarf...

eternity scarf

pattern: Eternity Scarf by Michele Wang
needles: 5.5mm
yarn: Lang Silk Dream (grey) 3 balls I think?

I was kind of bemoaning the last version I knit of this...

Eternity scarf

...because I had knit it in a DK weight yarn and I felt like it really wasn't thick enough and wanted to do it over again in an Aran.

Turns out I am slightly on the fence about it...I may still like the first one better. I think the Silk Dream is possibly just a bit too stretchy, I can't really wear it in it's "long" format without feeling like it'll be at my knees at the end of the day.

I haven't really decided yet if I will tear it out and start over with another yarn or just continue to wear it "doubled-up".

eternity scarf (doubled up)

Which is pretty much exclusively how I wear the first of the first of those that I knit anyway (and I do get a lot of wear out of it), because as you know: I am koo-koo for cowls.

In fact my sickness for cowls is starting to get out of hand. So even though I loooove knitting them, I've decided I need to put a hold on any more of them for greedy little me and start busting out a few as Christmas presents for co-workers. (I will keep you posted on whether that gets accomplished--I probably need to do about 5 of them).

I think I will be abandoning a lot of personal knitting the next couple months as I scramble to get Christmas presents done ahead of time for once ---I don't want to be having hand cramps as I'm trying to stuff down all that Turkey. Though I do have a couple completed things that I still need to get around to taking pictures of (and posting about) so more to come.

I'm so happy it's fall and the need to knit is upon me again --it's a therapy I need right now!

super sunny, much squinting


Julie said...

I so hear you on the Mirasol Sulka love!! it's easily one of my favourite yarns. I'll have to see if I can find the Lang yarn you mentioned- before it's all gone! I agree with you about cowl/eternity scarves in dk weight- they just lack the big, squishy cosiness of the heavier yarns.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I love the Burberry inspired cowl! This is being moved to the top of my knit list. Thanks for the link!

yodafatkitty said...

I made the eternity neck warmer too. I'm also on the same fence. I used a worsted, Cascade 220. It's just ok. Ya have to fuss with it a bit and it seems to shift around in ways that aren't so ... appealing :D

Yarny Days said...

Nice work! They are so beautiful. Great pictures!

Sarah said...

Oh wow your cowls are gorgeous! I love your Burberry inspired one!! It looks amazing with thicker yarn.

knitlit kate said...

girl, you have the world's best cowl/snood collection! i was at a fashion show last week where all the models were sporting the most amazing cowls. it turned out the woman who styled the show knit 'em all herself...gotta try to get my hands on that pattern! feel free to check 'em out on my other blog:


Julia said...

You can never have too many cowls. Love the "Berberi"...and you look so dreamy in that last pic! (I've somehow been missing your latest posts - grr!)

CassieMarie said...

You can NEVER have enough cowls!! :) That's my motto anyways! They both look lovely!

the greenhorn knitter said...

So I absolutely adore this! The color looks great on you! I'm totally going to try this!