Tuesday, December 07, 2010

In which a bunch of hats got knit...

Apologies for my long absence! There's been a few hats lately:

love that swirl!

Both of those hats are the same pattern --the Noro Spiral one skein hat in the same yarn, Noro Kureyon, but in two different colourways (#128 & #51 respectively).

Noro spiral hat

It's amazing how two different colourways can produce such different results!

Personally I'm not much of a Noro fan...I find it all kind of scratchy, and those crazy colours are just not for me (I know, I know, I'm sure there is something in their repertoire I'd die for, but nothing that I've come across locally so far). When I first started getting into this whole knitting/blogging about knitting thang it really seemed like everywhere I looked people were all "Noro this, Noro that", so it was one of the first yarns I purchased and *had to* try, but in the end I learned pretty quickly that I'd probably never buy it again.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and a friend who said "I have some yarn, you want it?" and the rest is history...Noro in my possesion once again. (She also gave me one sock and the rest of it's yarn, so I completed the second sock for her --the difference in gauge between the two was nothing short of hilarious).

So, if you're like me and you have a random ball of Noro kicking around (or insert other varigated yarn from the stash here)this just might be the perfect pattern for it--simple, fast and a great way to show off those changing colours. I gifted the first one back to her and she seems pretty pleased with it.

one sekin Noro hat

one skin hat

The other one however remains in my "gift box" anticipating someone who might like it. I like it too, but the colours are much more masculine and sometimes the problem with Noro (especially in a one-ball situation) is which end to start at. I kind of feel like I might have liked the colours here going in the opposite direction (with the grey on top...)

Noro hat

No matter, it's all good (and free!) so I can't complain---if I really cared I would be less lazy and actually start over and knit it in the opposite direction.

Another totes adorbs hat pattern:

from Norway with love

pattern: From Norway with love hat from Pickles
yarn: Rowan Cashsoft DK (again this is yarn that has been in my stash for about 5 years now so I am glad to finally get to use it --and it's beautiful)--though I'm actually not sure if it's a colour that even exists anymore. I also used some leftover Misti Alpaca Worsted for the hearts.
needles: 4.5mm?

You can see more details about this on my ravelry projects page, but essentially I knit one less row of hearts because I decided to add an extra row between each row of hearts, was using larger needles and yarn all in an effort to get a somewhat slouchier hat....not sure if I'm totally pleased with the results (it's still too big but will be gifted to someone with a bigger head!) and definitely plan to knit it again.

I think next go-round I will probably go for something a little more colourful (at least in the hearts...) and I would maybe cast on less ribbing. Try as I might I think my intarsia skills are still a little tighter than I'd like them to be (though this hat is unblocked, don't know if that would make the difference).

I've cast on for a couple other hats as well for Xmas presents, so I feel like there's lots of little bits of knitting happening right now. It always kind of feels that way right before the holidays though. But I feel vaguely less guilty about spending my evenings off knitting when there seems to be so much more holiday socializing already under way.

Let the December bloat begin!


Andi said...

I really like the first noro hat. I sort of hate working with noro too. I bought a skein once because I thought the colors were pretty, but it was so scratchy and unpleasant to knit with that I crocheted up a hat with it and gave it away.

The addition of an extra row in between the hearts in the other hat was a good idea. It makes the hearts stand out a bit more.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I really like the noro hats. i totally get what you're saying, though. In the end, I think the yarn is just too colorful and scratchy for me. It's like tye-dye on your head. And I'm no hippie chick. But it IS beautiful, and I am totally drawn to it. So, I dunno, maybe I should give it a shot.
Love the Pickles hat. So cute.

Julia said...

Nice hats, lady! I'm not a huge Noro fan either so I'm using my Noro stash for x-mas gifts too! My beef is that all their yarn just screams; "I'm Noro!" I like knitting it, just not crazy about wearing it.

The hearts hat is awesome! I love the color combo actually. Stranded knitting is always tighter than regular knitting so I wouldn't worry about it unless it puckers (and it doesn't look like is). Don't be so hard on yourself - it's great!

Rainy Daisy said...

I think the hearts hat looks completely adorable on you - and I love that little bit of slouch. It's like the difference between the itchy hat your mom made you wear in 3rd grade, and the one rock stars wear.

I'm with you on the Noro, though. Too itchy. Too expensive. Interesting colors, but hard to use them in a tasteful way, sometimes. I don't usually wear the psychedelic-type stuff, thank you.


Cathy said...

I'd like to make the noro hat, but when i clicked on the link for the pattern and looked at the pics on that site, they didn't look quite the same. How did you get your "spirals/yarnovers" to go more on a swirl than a diagonal, and how did you manage not to leave gaps (or at least smaller ones)? I have not started yet mostly because I am more of a beginner, and I want to be sure I know the pattern beforehand.

Reckless Glue said...

yes, it is the exact same pattern as the one I've linked too...not sure why it looks different, almost looks like she has folded the brim for the picture (?) I didn't make any changes though, just followed the pattern as written. If you follow the pattern the YOs automatically begin to swirl. A hat is more of a swirl that a perfect circle when you knit in the round, so you will be fine if you just follow the pattern, they also swirl as you decrease...I'm not sure what you mean by "gaps" though... good luck!