Thursday, March 15, 2007

My mom is a dynamo

I was at my folks place this weekend doing my usual mooching: laundry facilities, car borrowing (see previous post for ol' gummy's dental surgery), knitting help (she's the closest thing I have to a SNB, though mostly she just bitches about my pattern choices -hah!), and FOOD, always food. She made me grilled cheese sandwiches as only a mother can (one bite of yum yum pickle for every bite of sandwich). And oh yeah, often I steal toilet paper, and whatever I can get my hands on from the freezer. She's the ultimate fifties putz-frau and I, my siblings and nephews particularly get to reap those rewards.

So I took the opportunity for a couple of snapshots of knitted items she's donating to my fabulous sister's children's caregiver auction. (I'm sure I got that wrong, but anyway, she's the director at this place.

My mom will agonize over the details of little knitted things in a way I could never be bothered with. How cute are these?

Her current M.O is to purchase the book that the child care provider will be reading to the children and then KNIT THE INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERS IN THE STORY. So I'm sorry I didn't get a better shot of that Old Macdonald book, but she's literally got the dog the same as the one in the book, the donkey the same, etc. etc.

She also did a similar thing with Snow White and the seven dwarves, which I've mentionned before, but here they are all packaged up with the book:

Too Cute! Usually at Christmas she will purchase new Barbie dolls, knit additional dresses and outfits for them, stuff those down inside the box the doll comes in and THEN drop it off at the toy drive. Who does this?

If I had her knitting skills I would probably use my powers for evil instead of all that good she does.

And oh, I'm heading to Montreal tomorrow ---any fantabulous yarn stores I should be aware of?

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