Sunday, March 25, 2007

the Cashmere Cowl

Well, it's been finished for a little while now (I've even managed to get some wear out of it before spring has truly sprung) so it's time I updated about it:

Pattern: the purl bee
Yarn: Posh Yarns 100% hand dyed cashmere (colour: raspberry)
Needles: 5mm addi Turbos

Well, there's not much to say here, it's your basic 1X1 ribbed tube. I did it an inch or so shorter than specified, mostly because this yarn was lace weight and I'd doubled stranded it. I rolled up the second ball using my best guest, so when it ran out I just bound off rather than add any more yarn. The colour is great, darker and lighter in spots, up close it's really beautiful. I blocked it as well and stretched it a bit longer and wider so it's nice and floppy. (Though not as floppy as the alpaca cowl I had previously done). At one point I threw it in my purse at work, and my favourite hand cream exploded all over it, so it kinda sorta got a second blocking after that. But now it smells AWESOME. I want to eat my neck whenever I wear it.

Not sure why this took me so long to knit...I feel like I am seriously bored with everything I'm knitting right now, but I'm trying to force myself not to start anything new until at the very least Flair is done, though it looks like I'm about to run out of yarn (so far I've made the thing about 5 inches longer and with a lot more "swing") so I guess it's no wonder. I'm praying wool tyme will still have some left in the same dye lot.

Next update, BIG purchases on the horizon!

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