Monday, February 05, 2007

what?! a finished object?

It's true, the cowl is done! (don't look too close, you'll see all my mistakes...)

So that's it inside out, though I linda like it that way. I'm wearing it with pretty much everything --It's like a giant necklace! I'm not super crazy about the colour, so I definitely plan to make another, it was a very, VERY easy knit. Kinda tedious, really. Here's the pattern and I even used the prescribed fable handknits yarn. The colour here is mist and it's 100% baby alpaca...oooo so soft.

And here's me as Nanouk of the North (and at minus 38 or whatever it is today, I need it!):

I also finally got the tweed beret done, after a long delayed trip out to the one and only store in town that sells Rowan, so I'll try and take some photos of that one tonight. Considering I only needed the one ball of yarn to finish said beret (and as it turns out I likely could have squeezed it out of one!) I uh, went a little crazy with the Rowan:

(image deleted)

Though that cashmere/wool Noro and the coral Rowan were on sale, sale sale!!!


Sarah said...

Love that cowl! May I ask if you used the full three skeins of baby alpaca? I have some Shibui baby alpaca - about 250 yards and wondered if I might be able to make that work.

And, are you on Ravelry?

Reckless Glue said...

No I didn't use three full skeins --maybe two and a half? so probably like 320 yards or's a pretty long, floppy cowl with that yarn, so depending on the weight of the yarn you have you could likely get away with it. I did another ribbed one with the same yarn that was shorter too, I think I only used a couple of skeins.

I'm jadeblade on ravelry --friend me! :)