Sunday, February 11, 2007

where's my baguette?

as promised, zee beret est complet (insert accent circonflex where blogger won't let me...):

yarn: Rowan Yorkshire tweed 100% pure new wool, colour: 355 "rowdy"
pattern: One skein wonders "tweed DK beret"

Ok, well I'll save myself from complaining further about this pattern, only to say that after re-readng the line: "if you can knit and purl, you can knit this beret", I had a good chuckle. For starters I was supposed to do a provisonal cast-on which I completely glossed over and didn't do, so that by the time the beret itself was done, and I had to cast back on to that part "continental style" to do the brim, it just wasn't working for me. There were a couple of additional confusing instructions to that as well, and after waiting two weeks for extra yarn, I wasn't about to start over. SO i decided to just fudge it myself, cast back on and do a 2x2 rib for the brim. Really, I should have just started off with that and saved myself all the anguish in the first place. So that's my recommended alteration to that pattern.

Now that it's done, I love it and am wearing it a lot. I've got a big unattractive puffy coat for winter this year, so I'd like to think it classes up my bonhomme de neige appearance somewhat. yeah.

a new beret is already in the works!

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Miss Muffy said...

Sensass! Wearing a beret can class up anything!