Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the Purl beret

wow, what a difference...I think an accurate colour actually lies somewhere in between.

Pattern: the purl bee
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM 100% merino --sorry not sure of the colourway --will find out.

I am all about the berets these days. I actually took out a few rows in an effort to make this beret smaller for my 'lil pea head, but now I kind of regret doing it. I'm sorta tempted to tear it out and start over. Yet apathy takes hold, because really it's fine the way it is. What I'm more likely to do is knit it again in another colour. That aubergine apple pie yarn I just bought, perhaps? I have a feeling I'll be knitting this pattern over and over again.

I still have trouble with those last few stitches when I'm using DPNS. My I-cord wound up looking more like a nipple, but I'm okay with that...I think I need to join a good class or SNB so I can actually get some help on these things....Trips to my mothers are too few and far between.

And speaking of my mother, look what she just knit for my sister's childcare auction:

tee hee. The beardos are my favourites...maybe grumpy, natch.

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