Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Sock Yarn

like my "sock yarn" play on words there? And I should warn you that this sock story will be pretty photo heavy...

I am finally undertaking the knitting of my first ever pair of socks. I'm alternately excited and scared, but mostly kind of questionning what the big deal is. There are a lot of knitters out there whose primary obsession is knitting socks as well as collecting sock yarn. And I know I'm a relatively new knitter, so perhaps this primal urge just hasn't fully gotten it's grip on me yet, but the truth of the matter is that I'm more interested in petting soft fuzzy solid coloured yarns than I could ever be interested in superwash crazy colourway wool. Is it me? Do I just not get it?

So I'm diving in with a sock kit from fleece artist, in a really nice teal green and gold mix. My shoe size is a women's 7, so I figured, hmmm, must be a medium, maybe? As I knit this thing it's becoming clear that they will be too big, though I don't dare turn back now. My plan of action is to finish this one sock (possibly for the BF?) and then knit sock number two using a completely different pattern, and then at that point decide which one I'm gonna tear back. The kit recommends using the world's tiniest pair of circular needles, but again it's becoming apparent that that simply won't work, which is sad for me because I feel grossly unskilled at DPNS. I need to get over that though, it's time.

Ok, so before I ramble needlessly any further about socks, I decided to let the cats enact the sock frustration on my behalf:

Here's the start of my beautiful sock:

(image deleted)

who's sneakin' up on you there mister sock?

(image deleted)

I think Poncho might be up to something...(note shifty eyes):

(image deleted)

Though usually he just gets his younger brother to do all the dirty work for him:

(image deleted)

Now don't taunt Archie, mister sock:

(image deleted)

Look out!

(image deleted)

Oh nooooooooooo

(image deleted)

The End.

As always, thank you for indulging my ever-present lameness.


Miss Muffy said...

Yeah, I don't really get the sock thing either. I even managed to get some 'Socks that Rock' and it didn't convert me. Good luck though - maybe you'll catch the sock fever - I seem to be immune!

Reckless Glue said...

ok, it's nice to feel some solidarity here!