Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Le Slouch

Here's le slouch that I did this weekend (when I should have been working on about a thousand other things instead!)

Pattern: Le Slouch
Yarn: Noro Cash Laine (80% wool, 20% cashmere)
Needles: I think I used my interchangeable set instead of the prescribed DPNS (until the very end that is)

I love seed stitch, it may actually be my favourite looking stitch. I definitely plan to do this hat again, I think it didn't come out quite as "slouchy" as it should have. Due in large part to the stiffness of the yarn I chose. I have some black alpaca I may try it in. I liked the Noro, but it came out way striped as opposed to "varigated" so I'm concerned that it's somehow become my "Rasta" hat:

It doesn't seem to look as slouchy in these photos as it actually is. I dunno. Like most things, now that it's done I feel completely ambivalent about it.

I'm definitely into the cranberry's and raspberry's these days. My cashmere cowl is somewhat stalled out though.

(image deleted)

I'm thinking about starting over...I can't decide if the weave is too loose for me. I may go down to smaller needles and cast on a lot more stitches...it's hard to tell at this point if it will even fit over my head. bah.


Miss Muffy said...

You'll only get you rasta comments from stupid people who don't know any better. "Hello? Rasta hats are crocheted!. Does this look red, yellow and green to you?!". People call my big beret the "Strawberry Shortcake hat". I can live with that. Now I just need to get my hair to smell like strawberries...

Sarah said...

Love the hat, and the colours hope you come around to it a bit more.

Ordered the yarn for Flair today - went for the Blue Skys, no-one in the UK had it but kpixie.com are shipping it for a good price - can't wait to get started - have you swatched yet?

Reckless Glue said...

yes, I've swatched and cast on, so there's like an inch on there staring at me and I haven't picked it up since! I feel stumped already...I am brutal at reading instructions, and am constantly second-guessing what they mean, so I'm just at the part where you have to cast back on with more stitches, and I put it down and moved onto something more mindless (the hat!).

can't wait to see your yarn, I'm sure it's beautiful!