Tuesday, May 01, 2007

how weird is this thing?

(image deleted)

It's like a half a sweater for a giant with teeny tiny arms. When I look at this photo I think "no wonder it felt like I was knitting FOREVER". Maybe if I shape it into an approximation of how it should be worn it will look less weird?

(image deleted)


(image deleted)

and no again (wilting cat grass notwithstanding).
Like I get that it's supposed to be weird --it's a shrug. It's a back with arms. But, shrugs don't usually have a back that spans from the middle of my head to the bottom of my bum. Just how the hell am I supposed to fold this thing?

(image deleted)

Ah yes, much better.

Anyway, I'd be lying if I said this thing wasn't agony to knit. The ribbed border that goes all around the honkin' rectangle: 506 stitches in 3x3 rib. It was cruel. If the pattern had started off with that I likely would have given up, but when you get to that point you feel as though the end is in sight. What a cruel joke that was. I timed myself on how long it would take me to knit ONE row. Result: 25 minutes of my life that I will never get back. I think I need to stick to sweaters that are just sweaters and that don't have so much crazy crap going on with them. I need to accept that I'm a plain jane, and that I'm totally okay with it. There's a reason my wardrobe is a sea of black, army green and brown (with the occasionally gawdy sixties polyester dress thrown in).

The ribbing that almost killed me:

and the specs:

pattern knit 2 together "the pimlico shrug"
yarn: Rowan pure wool DK in spice (the M/L took me just over 11 balls)
needles: Denise interchangeables

The other thing that's kind of weird about it for me is those ribbed arms. It's like you've got giant bat wings that then terminate into socks for your forearms. I have yet to block it though, so that might help with the "drape" of it. I do like it, it just is, as I said, kinda weird. I feel like it's one of those things that I will always be pulling at when I wear it: trying to have the back not ride, trying to have the flaps not gape open, trying to stretch the ribbed arms out, etc. etc.

Also I think I need to take some kind of class on finishing and seaming as well...I sewed the sleeves on too tight in my zeal to get 'er done.

AND, might I add, there will be no new projects begun until that vest and those stinking socks are also complete!


Miss Muffy said...

YAY! Congratulations - you made it through! I think it's faboo! I've got a sweater with the same kind of construction (the ribbed border part anyway) and I know about the gaping thing. Just sew on a clasp - or better yet - make a little vintage style sweater clip:


Really, it's great - WEAR IT!

lomester said...

me likey likey! terrifuc! i like the color on you. I like mis muffy's idea about a sweater clip too.

Sarah said...

I love that first photo - it literally looks like the weirdest thing ever!! Perhaps not so funny when you've slaved through all those stitches. Still when you stop showing her off from her bad angles I think she's lovely. Great work.

Reckless Glue said...

haha thanks everyone...it actually doesn't flap open *too* badly, I think I need a sweater clip more for my bum to keep the back from always riding up!

I do have a cute sweater clip made out of dominoes that I should fish out...hmmmm.

Virtuous said...

Funny post!

You gave me no encouragement to start this project! LOL

But I have heard from others that it is a boring beast to knit! Blah!!

I still want to do it though!

I am eyeing Malabrigo in Grape!

Reckless Glue said...

definitely, the final ribbing is killer! It would be beautiful in Grape --good luck!