Monday, May 28, 2007

the finished argosy

pattern: Argosy
yarn: Noro Silk Garden lite
needles: 4mm bamboo straights
more details on my knitting progress can be found in my previous entry on this scarf (here)

This was a fun project. I love the modular geometry of it, and I'll no doubt do it again, though possibly in a solid colour next time. You definitely can't get away with not blocking this one. Note, the left side unblocked here:

(image deleted)

And after:

(image deleted)

Much better! Plus after blocking my whole "inverted bottom" issue (you can see it in the top photo --the burgundy end) really wasn't very noticeable, so I plan to just leave it. I figure when you wrap these things around your neck inevitably the wrong side ends up showing in some spots anyway.

Last photo of it:

(image deleted)

This puppy is loooooong. I think in the end I did about 32 of the pattern repeats. The pattern gives you two options --24 and 36 or something like that, so it's odd that mine is quite as long as it is (but I'd be lying If I said i checked my gauge on it --come on, it's a scarf!) But the width still appears to be right, so i don't know what's up there. I haven't quite decided yet who I'm going to gift this thing to.

In other news I've also started a chevron scarf from last minute knitted gifts. Can I just say how much I love this book? I guess I should expect nothing less from the people who brought us Purl, but having just finished another item in that book, the instructions on everything are amazing. I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of this book. Plus after seeing how great this looked, AND having the exact same yarn, I really wanted one for myself.

So off I went. I decided that since it was a chevron scarf that I should actually try and combine two different varigateds together. I used Rowan Tapestry's "antique" and "pot pourri". Both gorgeous yarns on their own.

(image deleted)

But put together I got this:

(image deleted)

I don't know, I just really wasn't feeling it. Considering it's a sea of pinks and golds and purples, why is it looking so muddy all together? I've since frogged it and have cast back on using "only" the antique colour. But i've now stopped that as well after seeing all of THESE! on flickr, I caved and ordered some more koigu. I think it's the kind of pattern that really requires a bright sock yarn for the pattern to stand out. So, the chevron scarf is officially on hold, and hopefully the colours I've chosen will actually go together when all is said and done.

As for the Rowan yarn which I'm dying to use, I think a half clap is what I'll be reserving that for. Notice I said HALF clapotis. Another blanket I don't need!

Alright, sorry for the epic photo novel, now back to my regularly scheduled vacation.


Virtuous said...

Looks great! Doesn't look to rainbowish at all! :o)

Reckless Glue said...

haha --yeah it's not quite as bad as I was predicting!

Sarah said...

It's really great, I'm surprised you can bear to part with it.

Looking forward to seeing your choices of yarn for the chevron scarf I've got my eye on that pattern so will be glad to have you knit it first for me again ;0)

Reckless Glue said...

I'm actually really struggling with the chevron...I keep swatching different colours together and am never happy with the result. I'm hoping it won't get to the point where I buy every single skein of koigu in my never-ending "tweaking"! I need to just commit and be ok with it.
Also I think I NEED to start parting with some scarves...they're becoming like "days of the week" underwear. Do I really need that many?
yes, yes I do.

mishi2x said...

I agree - you can never have too many scarves. And I do like the koigu much better. I did the antique for my mom and well... it was very mom-esque. Very reserved, but in a "punch it up" kind of coloring. You've inspired me to try the Koigu now - for myself!

Reckless Glue said...

I absolutely LOVe the colours in that antique yarn though. My friend Julia did her clapotis in it and it's just gorgeous (which is why I'm now thinking of doing another one in that!) and yours is what even inspired me to do the chevron in the first place!