Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time for a new bed...

...cat bed that is.

Some of you may remember this. Archie uses that bed a lot. But nothing like his absolute favourite bed, the mysterious kitty cuddler!. Archie's three now, and I'd say that we've probably gone through five or six of these in his short life. It's getting out of hand since he always seems to need a new one. They start out nice, like the one pictured in the ad:

But then after much suckling and kneading and flopping onto, and playing in (it also unfolds into a "play-tube"), not to mention a whole bunch of this:

Well, lets just say that it takes it's toll. We often try to transition him from one to the other by placing the new one on top of the grody old one (no doubt the old one is a total bacteria farm)--note before and after here:

(image deleted)

blech. Boy, I'm really airing my dirty laundry now, aren't I?

I'm not sure if it's the "wooly-ness" of the cuddler that he likes or what, but I think I've come up with a solution. Though only time will truly tell. But it starts with a dab of this:

(image deleted)

and a dash 'o this. I've borrowed the link to that pattern off the unwound podcast site, which I'm so disappointed to hear is now no more. Wah! There are so many knitting podcasts out there now but very few that I seem to be able to really get into. I'd love to hear what everyone else out there likes (and not just the knitting ones!) These days I listen to more podcasts on my ipod and in the car than I do actual music. Is that wrong?

So, fingers crossed that he likes this bed a little more than his at present never-ending supply of 30 dollar kitty cuddlers. I guess it's a good thing I don't have kids, and it may be a moot point right now since I haven't even cast on for it, but I was so excited when the yarn arrived that I just had to post. Once again, Noro "big" kureyon = unavailable around these parts.


Sarah said...

What a lucky cat Archie is :) My cats take little notice of the three different beds we have for them already so no knitting on their behalf from me.

Have you tried the Stash and Burn knitting podcast? I like the dynamic of having two presenters.

Reckless Glue said...

Yeah, my other cat could definitely care less. That's a whole different ball game.

hmmm stash and burn--never heard of that one, I'll have to give it a whirl--thanks for the tip!

lomester said...

Ya, you are super nice. My dad's cat just gets her Costco left over boxes and is content with that. I would be so mad if i spent time making her something and she destroyed it!

Reckless Glue said...

well, they're my babies, so I dote on them (well one of them--gross favourtism abounds!) or at least as close as I'm willing to get to "babies" hah!, so I figure relative to how taxing *that* would be, it's not a very expensive endeavour!

Miss Muffy said...

I second the Stash and Burn vote! Definitely my favourite knitting podcast!

If Archie doesn't like his new cat bed, you're just going to have to have a baby. Ha! I like the pattern - I assume you're going to leave out the eyelash trim - totally gay!

Reckless Glue said...

yeah the eyelash trim looks totally lame, I agree 100% with that assessment. But I'm kind of torn about it because I won't be the one sleeping in it. Archie loves the eyelashy-y stuff on that other bed...he nestles his face in it, so I may have to concede for his sake (our place is hideous enough already with cat trees and toys and crap everywhere anyway). It might all be a moot point if the thing felts down too small for my humungo cats mind you.

I'll def. check out that podcast. I like L&V and all, but it gets a bit too uh "shrill" at times for me.