Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Knit York City! (part one --snood city USA)

So here's the first thing I'm going to say about my most recent trip to New York this past week: I was in good company because...,

-The knitted slouchy beret is EVERYWHERE

Even the BF who is normally immune to noticing such things was compelled to comment on it. Naturally none of them appear to be handknit, but still, this snoody beret proliferation of such sheep-like proportions was enough to make me pause... I think I need to stop knitting these things. Surely they will be dead in the water soon enough?

A couple of my own snoods made the rounds:

Le Slouch meets L' Amy:

...and of course she was awesome. Too bad it's all wonky on my head in that photo. I also lugged my book all the way there for her to autograph:

And I bought some stuff from her craft table:

The little Santa is from one of her cupcakes. Yes, it was instantly devoured. Nothin' finer than cupcakes for breakfast.

Ive used her cupcake recipe before and I'm happy to report they taste exactly like Amy's! And now I feel closer to her as a result (hah!) The recipe for those can be found here. I wish I had taken a photo of her whole craft table--it was very cute. She had some pretty silly stuff...a few of those "fake cakes" she likes to do as well as a Manolo Blahnik bag stuffed full of crap and simply labelled "anything in here is a dollar". It was getting to be a mad crush at her table though. I managed to get in there right off the bat when people were kind of milling about and shy and not really knowing what to do. So I pretty much just busted in. When we went by that way later on it was a total mob scene. She must have been exhausted.

I bought some very cute little reindeer clothespin ornaments she'd made, but my favourite by far, for all you Strangers with Candy lovers out there, was the Gerri Blank pill boxes she made. Oh the hilarity:

Meeting Amy was definitely one of the highlights of this trip, even though there was a LOT more going on...the shopping! the eating! the drinking! And a few knit-related goings on as well which I'll save for some later well as more, more, more from the Bust craft sale.

More snoods also rode the subway:

Read guidebooks in the hotel room:

ate rice pudding:

and you know, just generally contributed to the overall Snood York City atmosphere that appears to be happening there.

And after getting stuck in Detroit for a full 24 hours on the way back (don't ask, I'll just cry again...) all I really have to say is: Thank God there IS knitting. Why did I not discover you sooner?

I've also uploaded a bunch of photos over on my flickr site if you want to see more non-knitting related NYC pics from this trip too.
more to come... :)

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Good on ya for jumpin' in there when you could! Jealous! (and I haven't even seen your yarn haul yet!)