Wednesday, July 09, 2008


ok, so what are the odds that I could knit and then felt together something like this myself?

(image delted)

That is just totally kooky-talk, isn't it? Then I was kinda thinking that I could just knit ten or so GIANT letters/numbers, felt them and then piece them together into scarf form. Less crazy? Anyone out there ever knit any letters of the alphabet?

(image deleted)

(These are from little factory)

Can I just say that I am aware that a far simpler way to do this would be to just got to Michael's and buy some two dollar felt and cut out the letters (OR buy those felt letters that are ALREADY cut out) and then mash 'em all together myself, rather than be a crazy-head and turn this into a year long knitting project that I will be desperate to see the back of once 2009 rolls around.

I guess the bigger question here is: why do I drive myself crazy with stuff like this? With some further introspection I've decided that it either relates to my a) inherent thriftyness (I have often been told that I will generally only purchase things for myself to wear if they are either 2$ or 300$. Nothing in between it seems. So when I do see something that I feel I can do myself on the cheap, I immediately have this compulsion to do so.

And my final introspection b) the summertime blahs.

I've been feeling lately like my joy of knitting is on the wane. I'm uninspired or uninterested in most patterns. Though I *am* just sorta hoping that it's some kind of seasonal disorder for me right now. I almost feel like just walking away from it all right now.

This could potentially have something to do with last night's COMPLETION of Iceland (though I have been feeling this way for a couple months now as well). Mind you, perhaps "completion" is too strong a word. The knitting is all done. Ends still need to be woven in and buttons need to be purchased and applied. There is blissfully no real seaming/finishing involved.

So. The knitting got done, and off I went to try it on. To say that I am as big as a house in it would be just about accurate. WHY. Why do I bother knitting chunky sweaters? Perhaps when it's finished it will be marginally better. This is my hope at any rate. Right now the desire to finish it altogether is seriously evaporating, but it's one of those "sweet crap I've come this far I can't possibly turn back regardless of whether this is good for me or not" moments.

Ugh. So, I plan to provide for you at some point a photo of my boxiness. (I almost said "of my box" there heh.) Though throwing on a giant wool and mohair sweater for some pics in a 40 degree humidex is also not all that appealing to me right now. Go figure.


But something I did find for ya'll (and possibly the one crochet thing *I* might actually be able to make...) this uber-cute crochet acorn necklace:

A tutorial for which can be found here at Indie Fixx. Enjoy!


aleksandra said...

1) i absolutely love iceland and i bet you can make it look good. i'm kinda drawn to these pieces that look good on models only as well though.

2) don't even think about quitting knititng, being my main inspiration to do my own things. speaking of which, can you inspire me to weave in and block and finish my pieces please?

Julia said...

How many more reasons do you need to learn how to crochet?

I can't wait to see your Iceland! Isn't it sort of supposed to make you look boxy?

Reckless Glue said...

I think if I had no boobs boxy would be okay. boobs + boxy, unfortunately = pregnant looking.