Thursday, September 18, 2008

low on content...

Last night I FINALLY picked up the needles again and cast on for --you guessed it: another cowl. Though in my defence, it's one I haven't knit before...

Though still from the purl bee

(image courtesy of knotty bits)

It's their lace rib cashmere cowl. I've been anxious to finally get some more "at work" knitting on the go, and cowls always seem to be an easy choice for me. Sorry, no pictures of my own to show life is still pretty dishevelled, and given that I consider myself organized to an almost anal degree, this is a point that is about to send me off the deep end.

The fact that I was even able to cast on for something new last night is due ONLY to the sad reality that I've thrown my neck out (this is a recurring YOGA injury --yes, I said yoga injury...) and couldn't really leave the sofa. Having just been to my RMT a few days ago, the fact that I've thrown it out is all the more annoying (But then I am a lazy "icer", in much the same way that I find flossing a chore) so i guess it's no wonder. Believe me, as I sat there last night surveying the living room and all the shelves that need to be put up/boxes still to be unpacked/painting to get done --can I just say, thank-science there was knitting to distract me from the guilt welling within.

It also gave me pause to consider what else I'd like to cast on for in the next while. I"ve been pretty monogmaously knitting the Wallis sweater, and only Wallis, which is unusual for me. Usually I like to have three or four projects on the go. And now that fall has hit, I think a new beret is definitely in order.

I was tempted to do another Gretel beret, but truthfully don't get that much wear out of the last one I knit. But maybe that's just down to my previous colour choice. So, I haven't ruled it out, but am wondering if perhaps the "Star Crossed Slouchy beret" (free pdf download or those of you on ravelry...) would be a good substitute.

(photo from ravelry user tiffanythomas)

It's actually quite similar to Gretel, what with the cables and all. I think I'd be tempted to go a bit less slouchy on it though (pea-sized head alert...). And in addition to gearing up for two new baby arrivals in the family, as well as the BFF's daughter's birthday on the horizon, some secret gift knitting is soon to be in the works.

It seems like after languishing for so long with no real knitting purpose, I suddenly feel like a bunch of "must-dos" are being thrown my way. As always, it never rains but it pours.

I just discovered the new "following" gadget that blogger is doing (I am probably the last one up on this as always...) pretty neat, and I promise I'll get to y'all soon...

So, anyone have the new Twinkle book yet? good? bad? I just ordered mine from amazon yesterday, sight unseen. I've been trying not to buy any knitting books for myself lately, so I'm hopng it's worthwhile.


Virtuous said...

Cute beret!! Again glad someone picked up their needles! LOL

Nope @ new Twinkle book...will wait to flip thru it before I even consider getting it!

Hope your neck gets better soon and take up a new exercise regimen! ;op

knitlit kate said...

how funny...i was JUST oogling that slouchy beret on the anthropologie group on ravelry. love, love! also, your lacey purl bee cowl is awesome. hey, you can never have too many cowls, right??

joy said...

i'm knitting that cowl too..and i love the beret. i'm going to ravelry now to queue it.


Julia said...

Yoga neck injury? Eek! What should I be watching out for in Vinyasa class?

We are so on the same knitting wavelength. Blah in the summer, now suddenly I have to knit everything right now! We must remind ourselves to do christmas knitting in summer!

littlebirdbigcity said...

I flipped through the new twinkle book, a couple of good patterns, but all in all kinda bleh. But I felt that way about her last book too. So maybe it's just not for me. Way to pick up the needles again! I found myself having a LOAD of projects all of a sudden too!

Anonymous said...

Wow that beret is really cute! You should totally go for that one. I might have to make one too, although I just finished a verity (a ysolda pattern). I really want to new Twinkle book, but I haven`t yet made anything from Big City Knits, and Weekend Knits was a big letdown, so I`m experiencing some guilt. I need to be encouraged by some knitterly friends. It looks like it has some cute patterns in it!

-- Danielle

Wendy said...

That cowl is lovely. The color is so vibrant. The stitches so perfect. BTW, I nominated your blog for an award. Check out my blog for the details.

Reckless Glue said...

whaaaa? thank you!!

though totally not my cowl...just the pic I found of mine coming though :)