Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still alive!

Let me start this post with a confession: I have not knit ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY STITCH in THIRTEEN days.

Since my knitting obession really took hold a couple years ago I don't think I have *ever* gone more than 24 hours without at least attempting to knit matter how half-assed the attempt.

Most of you who read here know that I recently bought my first house and have been in the throes of a major move--hence my absence. To say that the move itself was heinous would pretty much be the understatement of the decade (moving sucks for everyone except the rich and famous), and I now find myself mired in oodles of unpacked boxes, tchochkes and miscellaneous crap. Lately I am more "covered in paint" than "tangled up in yarn". In the evenings I find myself too exhausted to knit, not to mention irritated that the living room isn't even effectively set up for me to knit (no good lighting installed yet etc...)

My other embarrassed-to-admit distraction of late:

A Nintendo DS I bought the BF for his 30th birthday. Yes, it's true...I am too game-boyed out to knit of late (secretly I bought it for myself) but after 8 years together I am starting to run out of ideas for him. Even more embarrassing...this is what I've mostly been playing. Possibly even rated one of the top ten worst games? Uh, so bad it's addictively good, says I.

So half-assed are all of my endeavours the last couple of weeks (and only just recently getting the internet/cable/phone hooked up that's really saying something!), that this is the cake I made him:

Yes, just what every manly-man wants...a giant pink cupcake that I was too impatient to even let cool before icing it.

My attention of late was also further diverted by a surprise proposal!

I find the very idea of being engaged a little bit foreign to me. I'm not much of a girlie-girl, and never really fancied myself the marrying kind. Plus after 8 years together... well you know, I have nothing against marriage, it's just weddings that I hate. I figured we would likely (and quietly, subtly) tie the knot at some point, but never in any of that equation did I forsee a proposal on bended knee, a ring, and an "engagement". Is it weird that I feel weirded out? Needless to say, it will probably be the world's looooongest engagement.

But I promise it's a GOOD weird, and naturally I am over the moon! And my man has good taste, doesn't he? The ring is from Matsu, Canadian designer Jennifer Shigetomi. The diamond is set in yellow gold, and the band is white gold.

He did good --I love modern jewellery. It is currently out being re-sized --likely "re-made" actually due to what is apparently my FREAKISHLY small hands. The staff at Magpie were all a twitter as it turns out that my ring finger is a size 3 and a half. Seems it's just a bone with some skin draped over it --who knew? Someone at work joked that getting punched by me would be tantamount to "getting delicately pawed at by a fluffy kitten". Me and my child-sized hands are over. it.

Anyway, that is all I will say on that, probably a bit of snore, because I KNOW you come here for the knitting!

So that said, with a new house comes the quirks of getting used to it's new contents. A washer and dryer to call my very own! No more waiting on felting projects until I can bring laundry to my mom's house. I can wash my own hand-knit socks in my own appliances, I can---er wait a minute--

(image deleted)


(image deleted)

It seems my new washing machine decided to EAT my Fleece Artist socks! I've washed these in other washing machines and it's never been any issue. Do I now own the world's most angry and agressive washer/dryer?

People: This is the ONLY pair of socks I have EVER knit. This is seriously, one more reason to hate knitting socks. This may be the final nail in the coffin for me on that score. (though never say never I guess...). My one consolation in the demise of this amazing yarn is that I still have some of it to enjoy in the form of the purl beret,

otherwise I may have had to cloud up and rain all over that stinking machine.

Apart from that I was making really good progress on the Wallis sweater prior to the move, and am hoping that maybe by this weekend I will finally be able to pick it and a couple of smaller items up again, and potentially get this blog back up to speed once more, not to mention reading everyone else's blogs that I am SO far behind on at this point. It is amazing how incomplete my life feels when I don't have the opportunity to catch up with all of you, and how integral the knitting community is to my life these days.

let's never part again!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Too much to take in! Is it wrong that I had the biggest reaction to the tale of your eaten socks? I'm sure you know by now what us sick people come here for.

But seriously, congrats on all accounts! Take my advice and fly somewhere and get married without telling anyone what you're doing. Then again you don't have my mother so it might all be good.

Vero said...

Congrats!! The ring is beautiful.

I always though that my size 4 1/2 ring finger was freakishly small. You win!

Can't wait to see pics of the new digs.

kate said...

Congratulations! On the house, the engagement, the excellent pink cupcake . . . and on returning to the blogging world. :)

Reckless Glue said...

thanks everyone! Yes I think a "destination" wedding is definitely in order...(when we manage to get some money together that is!) there will definitely be flickr pics coming of the new digs...

Alice from france said...

Ho such great news! I'm happy for you to tie the knot after 8(!!!) years of common life! So gret and the ring simply beautiful!
Lucky you! Enjoy it!

Lolly said...

You sure packed a punch in this post! I don't know where to start - but the big life-changing news is the engagement, so CONGRATS! that is great ;)

The Happy College Knitter said...




robyn said...


Julia said...

I agree - there's way too much going on here!

- congrats on the house... the knitting will come
- whatevs, play the games you want...just win!
- That cake is fabulous.
- Congrats again on the promised nuptials. I will totally fly to Vegas to witness, but I will totally NOT buy you anything you register at the Bay
- I too, have wee hands. Like Martha says; "It's a good thing". What, do you want - man-hands?
- Sorry 'bout the socks, but that machine will probably felt like a dream! It's a good thing you're not too precious about them!

emily said...

Hooray! Someone else that hates knitting socks! I feel like I'm the only one sometimes.

But more important, congratulations! Very exciting for both the new house and the engagement. Life is good.

Sarahfish said...

Wow, congratulations! And yes, your man has great taste. Well done!

On the subject of the socks though... Holy COW! That's just not right. Can you at least salvage the yarn??

Sarah said...

Wowzer - you can have some time away from the blog again one day in the future but only if you have ten billion life changing things all at once.

Congratulations on all that is good and man am I sorry about your socks :o(

Reckless Glue said...

a million thank-yous everyone for your well wishes!

the socks unfortunately were binned...

Virtuous said...


I need to serve up a couple cheers!!

CONGRATS on the 1st house!

CONGRATS on the engagement!!

Wow! And I thought I was going thru some life changes over here! ;op Haha!
Excuse my tardiness as I was trying to get out of my old crazy job and get ready for my NEW job on Monday! YAY!!

LOL @ rain on the anger washer machine! Gurl my heart would have been broken!
That will suck if you have to hand wash everything! I would just do gentle cycle on that piece of hardware! Ugh!

Congratulations to you on EVERYTHING!!!

I wish you nothing but happiness!!
And to get to knit soon! :o) (I need to do the same!)

kgirl said...

at least you still have the beret. for a minute there, while my brain was catching up the text with the pictures, I thought you'd managed to salvage the sock yarn and remake it into a beret!

congratulations on the engagement, too and god luck on the subdued wedding plans :)

joy said...

congrats on the engagement! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the engagement! Gorgeous ring. And this just goes to show that knitting socks are the devil. Even if you survive knitting them, lol.

-- Danielle