Friday, August 22, 2008

Fall Phildar

Fall Fashion--always an exciting time --fall clothing really is the best of the lot isn't it? Tights, coats, hats, scarves, boots! Bring it on.

Phildar has a new Autumn catalogue up (not sure if the English translations are available yet though...) and once again they do not fail to disappoint. Ok seriously, who is this team of awesome knitters they have cranking this stuff out for them all the time? And where do I apply to be a test knitter?! Surely there would be an AGM I'd be paid to attend in Paris every year. Ok, you know I would volunteer if that were the case.

Some of my favs:

This one really reminds me of Knitty's Abotanicity which I've long wanted to do but have seriously been scared off by the prospect of knitting a tunic in SOCK yarn (shudder). I'm loving the Phildar one though and it'd probably knit up a lot faster.

And this one also reminds me a bit of another one that had been in my queue for a while--possibly a Nora Gaughn with those pleats --it totally escapes me right now, but it was more of a cardi/flared jacket.

Cute, cute, cute! Still feelin' me a lil' puffed sleeve. Puffed sleeves were SO my thing in about grade six, and you know my love for them never really left me. This one again, kind of a less rigid version of the puffed sleeve cardi from Fitted Knits. I liked all the patterns in that book, but was not so much a fan of all the banding it seemed like everything had at the waist. I mean I guess that was the whole idea, but it didn't grow on me the way I hoped it would have.

And finally in light of Iceland's completion, and Wallis coming along swimmingly, Phildar gives me some batwing validation.

If the Fashion Forward French (was that aliteration?) are still onboard with batwings then I think I'm still safe.

Batwing vindication --Halleluiah. Let's all fly away together!


Julia said...

Oh Phildar, how I love thee. Batwings rule! Though, why can't they have a prettier name like, I dunno - SWAN wings or something? What are we all supposed to be goth or sumpthin?

Virtuous said...

Ooh luv the new blog look/update! :o)

I typically read you in my Google Reader so I haven't seen the change yet! Haha!

Gurl I luv me so me Phildar and buy their catalogs but never knit out of them!! I will be adding this one to my collection too! ;op

All the fall mags have been great!!

Jackie said...

hahaha. I too love fall clothing more than any other type of clothing ever. It might be the knitter in me but I've always looked forward to sweater weather!