Friday, October 03, 2008

a thrifty dilemma

Every summer, vitually every neighbourhood in my city has a community wide garage sale. Some of them are enormous, and thousands of people attend, and some are just kind of starting to get off the ground. A couple weeks ago I attended the New Ed garage's one I've been attending on and off for about a decade now, so as community garage sales go I'd kind of put it into a the "mid" range size-wise. There were definitely a few good scores to be had (pictures for flickr eventually...) but I also had a couple of knitting-related scores, so I thought I'd mention them here.

Naturally there was the "little old lady" church-type sales (who always seem to sell lots of knitwear) and while nothing ever really appeals to me per se, I always manage to make off with a pile of dishcloths. Mostly I think I just feel obliged as that could essentially be my mother selling up there, and being a knitter I have an appreciation for the work itself etc. etc.

But here is my dilemma...

for two bucks, a definite must buy. Someone else obviously put a lot of work into this:

(image deleted)

I assume this is crochet, right? (okay, I know a lot of you right now are like "duhhhh" but I don't know how to crochet so it's a fair question).

For two bucks I thought "those handles alone are worth two bucks and IMPOSSIBLE to find around these parts".

But then....when I brought it home and went to tear it apart, I faltered. Would *you* tear it apart? I mean as a knitter I am endlessly tearing apart my own work, so why do I feel bad about destroying someone elses? I'll never use it otherwise. Odds are good that I might even knit something in that very same colourway (ok maybe not but still). It wasn't a GIFT made specifically for me or anything. And further still "ugh, is the person who knit this dead now?"

OK, maybe I should stop even asking these kinds of questions...I'm coming across as a real weirdo.

In OTHER news (massive subject change), the always generous Wendy of Musings from a knucklehead nominated me for an award and totally made my day!

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So to spread the love, I've decided to expand my blogosphere horizons here a little bit and link to 4 NON knitting blogs. Is that crazy? Should I only be spreading knitterly love around here? There are just so many amazing blogs that I regularly check out and I *am* a bit of a design and fashion junkie, so maybe I will share some of those...

Oh Joy SO many style and design inspirations here. She has an amazing eye and I never grow tired of her posts. Her eye for colour is unmatched --and I believe she's a textile designer in her own right.

Desire to Inspire. A Canadian and an Australian come together to share their interior design inspirations. I frequent this blog a lot and only just recently realized that the Canadian half of this duo actually lives here in Ottawa. I think I can now pinpoint my main rival for thrifted mid-century pieces round these parts! I am totally absorbed in her Kitchen reno updates, and find we share a similar design aesthetic...particularly when it comes to "curbside re-appropriation" if you know what I mean. (Dirty picking as we call it in my family...) Sidebar here--I managed to score a vintage Knoll tulip chair out of someone's garbage last week and plan to spend my weekend rustoleum-ing the eff out of it!

Victoire Okay, thought I would give another local shout-out here. Victoire is a great local boutique with a passion for Canadian designers, always ahead-of-the-rest and on-point style savvy with two very down-to-earth co-owners Katie & Regine who have long been a part of our local ladyfest scene. Even if you're not shopping there (my monthly massage happens kitty corner to them downtown so I find it hard to NOT go in...), their blog is still a source of fashion inspiration regardless of whether you can get in there and physically drool over everything first hand or not.

Design is mine Another fun design-related blog, though this one is a lot less stuffy than most and not quite so Eames-era funiture-centric like a lot of other design blogs I subscribe to. In is super fun. She takes the time to compile lots of etsy finds as well, so there is a real indie/d.i.y slant to what she likes to profile. Visiting her site is the internet version of strolling through the Bust craftsale.

So there you have it. I'm tempted to do a knitting only version, but I think for a lot of you who already do come here that might not give you any new reading. Next time though! I would actually love to hear about everyone's blog obsessions, kniting-related or otherwise.


Wendy said...

I can totally see a little of you in each of those sites and what attracts you to them. It was fun to visit. Thanks for playing along and sharing!

Julia said...

Ooh, new blogs! Thanks - those are cool. And don't sweat ripping apart that bag - I don't think any angry grannies are going to haunt you!

Kristen said...

i understand your dilemma totally... part of my business is creating hollowed out books from used, hardback books, and each time before i place my x-acto to the page i get a twinge of guilt (i am also a writer and avid reader, maybe that plays in)

i say go for it! you're never going to use the bag as is, and i think it's always much better to use something than have it go to waste.

Reckless Glue said...

omg THAT would be so much harder I think...
totally going for it now :)

Sarah said...

Yes go for it, whoever made it or was given it has enjoyed it and passed it on. Fair game. I'm sure you'll make an awesome bag in its memory :o)

Moessy said...


I'd appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site:

I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur :) I'd like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it'd be swell if you can place our tulip chair link on your blog.

Thank you,