Wednesday, October 15, 2008

all too brief respite

Oof --my life has been crazy busy lately. Even when there's down-time it seems like one errand or project just piles on top of the next. We did manage to get away this past (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend though for some much needed fall-colours-sunshine--and the weather has been absolutely glorious here.

If there's one place I wish I could retire to (you know apart from the South of France or some place more exotic...), it's Prince Edward County. We had an amazing day of thrift shopping, wineries, apple orchards and cider houses. And the beach! Honestly, I wish I could just pitch a tent and live directly on the beaches of Sandbanks. (My love of all things geriatric seems to be making me wistful for this lifestyle...) and while we were there it afforded me a pretty backdrop for a little F.O shoot for this post:

The Purl Bee's Lace Rib Cowl

As you can probably tell from that last picture, it's about three times the size it should be (it's doubled up in the first pic). I wish I could say this was a gauge issue, but it's really more of a wacky yarn issue. I used two skeins of a mystery silk & cashmere blend from School Products. It is the last of all the yarn I bought on my last trip to New York less than a year ago. The guy in the store referred to it as "pashmina". Like most of the yarn in that store, it's a bit vague but I am proud of myself nonetheless for having used it all up. It will be my justification for planning another trip there!

After knitting it all up, the cowl looked like this (un-blocked):

A nice, normal cowl.

But then one wear and it just kept groooowing and growing and narrowing and narrowing.....

It's a weirdo, but no matter, I likes 'em big.

Also nearing completion right now is my Wallis sweater:

Which as predicted, I totally ran out of yarn on. I've since bought more and am hoping to really get going on it again this weekend. I didn't however manage to get the same dye lot, so I'm a bit fearful that it will be totally obvious. The back and the front are done, so hopefully where the new yarn begins will be less of a big deal.

I am also about to complete my "mystery knitting". I am totally clenching right now praying that I won't run out of yarn, as it's a total stash busting project and there is no more.

I guess it's really not that much of a mystery --it's for my BFF's daughter who is turning one in November, but i'll save the deets on that until it's totally done anyway.

But that's about it for progress pics. I'm casting on for a couple new smaller items, and something for the BF (Fiancé?). I guess now that I've got the ring I'm obliged to knit him something. He keeps requesting socks, but well, y'all know how I feel about socks. Worst girlfriend ever.


Vero said...

I'm also the worst girlfriend (fiancé - eugh!) ever. I promised Chris a stupid simple ribbed scarf over 2 (maybe even 3) years ago. I'm finally almost done kitting it... now.

I love the colour of that cowl! It looks very nice on you.

Reckless Glue said...

thanks! yeah I think a scarf is definitely what Nat is getting -- it's all I can do to make *myself* a sweater :/

Nettie said...

Well, I'm the wife now, and I still might not knit that second sock :D

I too can't wait to get old, I keep telling my sister that the call of flowy, loose clothes is too strong.

Julia said...

Mmm, pretty picks (I have the same Vans! Though, probably much larger) I think your cowl turned out a biggie 'cuz you probably didn't need to block it. Ribbing = no block. Lace = block. Lace + rib = confusing! Plus, silk grows and grows... look at all this stuff I'm learning at the yarn store! But hey, if you can double the cowl up, who cares if it's big? It's pretty and I'm sure it's soft and loverly!

Reckless Glue said...

oh Nettie, THAT is hilarious...I defintely look forward to the day where I can wear Golden Girls-esque drape-y things.

and Julia: I didn't EVEN block it. That thing is effed.

Sarah said...

At least it had the grace to grow enough so that you could double it - it's a really pretty thing.

granny said...

I just made some socks for my boyfriend who wasn't requesting anything at all. I was too eager to make something for him and now I have to bribe him to wear them. Today the reason was "I need FO PICUTRES"

I think the ribbing was too tight around one ankle he didn't want to deal with taking them off again.

I love the cowl. Nice big, squishy and comfy looking.

Nylah said...

Merci pour ton passage chez moi. Happy to see that you speak "français" ! I just start - (le ;-) - crochet in june, it's really really easy and funny. You should try. When I see all the beautiful things you can knitt, crochet will increase your creativity.
Thanks for your blog, it inspires me a lot.