Monday, November 03, 2008

Gretel II electric boogaloo

how many electric boogaloo (breakin') references can any one person make? Allow me to make that my life's mission.

pattern: Gretel beret by Ysolda Teague
yarn: Patons Merino Classic in Royal Purple
needles: 3.25mm

I've been meaning to re-make this particular hat for ages --it really is a great pattern. My first attempt was ok, but the Cash Iroha I used just seemed to keep growing and growing with every wear. I have a relatively small head so in no time flat I felt like I was wearing a giant mushroom cap.

And inspired by Miss Muffy's attempt at a smaller version, decided it was time to de-stash some trusty (and less drapey) Patons and have at 'er myself!

Results? Success!

The irony here is that the new and improved purple version on smaller needs is actually the BIGGER (slouchy) size of said pattern...the green was the mid-size.

(the darker purple pics are more accurate for colour...)

I am far happier with this new version, and even though it will likely continue to grow a wee bit as well, I think there's a reason that Patons always seems to be my go-to yarn (cost-effectiveness aside). It really is old faithful --and the last Slouch that I also made in Patons, is probably one of the hats I get thee most wear out of.

At some point along the way I managed to inadvertantly drop a couple of stitches that I managed to salvage, though it wasn't until several rows on that I realized/fixed, and then attempted to self-correct rather than rip back. As a result I think I merged a couple of cables and overall had less stitches I was knitting with. The cables are busy enough that I can no longer find the flaw and I think it actually helped me get a smaller/better fitting hat out of the deal. Go figure --for once my laziness worked to my advantage...though if I was asked to re-create I likely couldn't figure out those particular "mods" for anyone.

I'm sure everyone by now is starting to whip into a Xmas knitting frenzy, and I for one am no exception. Though I am trying to go SMALL or go home this year rather than the other way around, and I have a bunch of stuff coming off the needles very soon so hopefully won't be quite as remiss in posting as I have been of late. It helps that the new house is finally starting to shape up a bit as well and won't be sucking up quite as much of my time anymore. Also I have officially run out of money to do anything else to it (or buy anything for it) anyway. Pictures HERE if any of you would like to see how it's shaping up...

Hope everyone had a great Halloween-- I'm still crashing from all the sugar and alcohol I've managed to consume in the last 48 hours or so --apparently blondes really DO have more fun!

Coffee, Tea or me?


ern said...

what a great costume.

i love your gretel hat the sequel!

it looks great.

The Happy College Knitter said...

Oh my goodness. So much love for that costume I can't even handle it. Obviously love to Gretel--you know I'm a sucker for the slouch! :)

robyn said...

The purple looks great on you.

And you look like a totally passable blonde.

Cant wait to see more FOs

Wendy said...

Totally dig the new place! Can you come decorate mine now too?

Virtuous said...

Something to say about Patons! :o)
I love your Gretels!!

And your costume! A SCREAM!!!! :oD 2 Gold Stars!

Team Knit ! said...

your Gretel is all kinds of awesome!! and that halloween costume... too good!!

- Julie

Reckless Glue said...

thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

I did a pattern for Robyn's Nest November sock club and it's called boogaloo. It's just too fun not to overuse.

Your costumes are so awesome I had to show Chris and he said your betrothed looks familiar. Hmmm....

Reckless Glue said...

crazy --he's been in a bunch of bands over the years, so it stands to reason that he's maybe seen him play (?)
Ottawa is so small!

Julia said...

Wee Gretel roolz! Luv that first picture - very sassy. (Of course, nothing beats the panam pix, but, you know...)
I'm jealous of your fabulously decorated home, yet at the same time, possess many of the same home items... curious. Can't wait to see it in person!