Tuesday, November 25, 2008


and then BAM! all of a sudden it's done.

except by "all of a sudden", I pretty much mean "several months worth of apathy".

pattern: Wallis sweater by Sarah Hatton (Rowan #38) size M
yarn: Mission Falls 1842 in "cocoa". I have no idea how many balls --at least 10 I'd say. I frogged the yarn from this which wound up being odds and ends by the time I pulled it all apart (can you say 50 million ends to weave in??) and then I still ran out and had to buy two more balls.
needles: 4mm

Soooooo, I think I have to hold off on doing any more "batwing" type sweaters for a while...

I like the look but it's not so practical. For starters this thing is a beast to begin with, nevermind trying to cram those sleeves under a coat. Much like Iceland before her, it CANNOT be done. Nor is this one really thick enough to wear as a "coat" on it's own either (the lace pattern is a little prohibitive that way) --and that outside photo shoot you see here almost left me with pneumoina.

It's not really evident in the pics, but in any natural light the neck is a different colour than the rest...(maybe you can see that a bit in the top photo) though I had virtually completed the front and back before I was forced to buy new yarn in a different dye lot, so I was non plussed by the prospect and wasn't about to scour the internet for more in the same lot. Ah well, it's subtle...less subtle than that run-on sentence describing it at any rate.

Verdict? Too big. But I guess that's not a bad thing...it is essentially a poncho with a waist after all.

At one point I had both cats crammed inside of it with me, but one kitty-head sticking out of each sleeve didn't make for the hilaious photo op I'd hoped it would.

When I originally started knitting this there was maybe one other example of it on Ravelry. When I finally posted it as complete yesterday there were at least a dozen, so people definitely managed to bust this out a lot quicker than I! I think I lost interest a couple months ago when it dawned on me that I was essentially knitting a blanket. But it is as you would imagine, very VERY comfy. And I do love that Mission Falls superwash. I'm actually kind of debating on whether I should seam the arms up a bit more.

I was tempted to post more pictures from different angles etc., but I think it's pretty evident how it looks...the same from the front as it does from the back! (in fact If I *hadn't* started with a new dye lot on the front I wouldn't know the front from the back at all.

But regardless of any woes I might have had with it, I am envisionning myself many evenings curled up on the sofa in it (especially given our reluctance to turn the heat up...) with a good book (or a new project), cup of tea (glass of wine)in hand.


Virtuous said...

:o) Despite your woes about the project I like it! (and I can't tell the different dye lot).

LOL @ no more bat like/blanket knits anytime soon...didn't you do the pimlico shrug too?? Gurl I have all the yarn over here for that project but looking like..do I really want a bat sweater?? Haha!

Happy Thanksgiving Gurl!

The Happy College Knitter said...

You and your trendy sweaters--seriously! It looks fantastic, if that weren't overtly obvious :)

Reckless Glue said...

oh god...I forgot about that pimlico shrug!!! blargh.

whistlepeaknits said...

It looks very comfy indeed!

The Litter Box House said...

I think this looks great on you. And the bulkiness problem with wearing coats gives you an excellent excuse to go out and buy a beautiful winter cape!

ern said...

oh it is SO gorgeous but i know what you mean by shoving those sleeves in a jacket. haha.

I have a sweater kind of like it in shape and it is a pain in the ass!

Julia said...

Fantastic! I love it! I can see how it would post a coat problem though... I second the vote for using it as an excuse to buy a winter cape!

And to point out further proof that we're turning into the same person - I have the same boots and earrings.

Reckless Glue said...

that is effed---tho the earings I'm not surprised as feathers have been everywhere for awhile now...I'm thinking about making them into a possible "wedding" headpiece too...

Sarah said...

Oh I love it - looks like the cosiest thing

mishi2x said...

Yeah... no more batwings. I can't even put my stupid arms down when I put a coat on over it. I'm going to have to make some cape or something.