Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did you miss me?

Ok, I have NO knitting to speak of after my last couple week's absence. A few photos from my trip can be found HERE if you're interested. After my five hour drive from San Diego to Las Vegas it dawned on me as we were pulling into our hotel that "what the --I didn't knit ANYTHING on the drive!!!" (and I wasn't the one driving) so that left me a bit befuddled. I had it all organized and rarin' to go too. harumph. I just completely forgot.

I did however make up for it on the drive back to San Diego, subsequent drives from S.D to L.A, and then my plane ride back to Chicago. You really never do get as much knitting done on a trip as you think you will, do you? Plus I was severly thwarted by a "change to larger needles" pattern direction when I realized I had no such needles in my carry-on. drat. I just always think it's a miracle that my needles don't get confiscated at customs in the first place. Now THAT would be brutal (for the love of god mister/miss customs officer pleeeeeaaassssse don't break up my interchangeable set!)

So all that to say I got far less knitting done than I'd hoped, and the second my plane landed on home turf I was immediately thrown down for the count with a cold and have been basically good for nothing for several days now.

I am still blindly sloggng away at the raglan wrap,

The pieces are blocking as I type this, but I have a feeling that the piecing together may be a bit of a nightmare so it could very well be a while still before it sees the light of day. Not to mention buttons --though I took the easy road and just ordered some vintage peacoat anchor buttons on ebay. Hopefully they will do the trick.

So in lieu of any new knitting of my own to post, how 'bout some new Phildar? (no doubt you've seen these already) but here are my faves:

I am really digging all the big droopy cowl-neck sweaters (I know, that's a shocker..).

And YES this particular book of patterns is available in English, though I must say...still a vastly superior selection on the French sie of things...


e said...

i was actually wondering when you were coming back!

Julia said...

Welcome back to blogland! I also have a weakness for the cowl neck, U-neck, boat neck... basically any big-ass neck!

littlebirdbigcity said...

I never ever get as much knitting done on vacations as I plan. I'll have two projects lined up, and barely get through one! And I ALWAYS have my fingers tightly crossed when passing through customs. No problems so far, knock on wood.

Deviated Septum said...

I did miss you. I love that first one and last one posted in those photos. I might need to start paying you to knit for me.