Wednesday, February 25, 2009

winter doldrums

Anyone else see this?

Twinkle's contribution to the Barbie 50th anniversary fashion show during New York fashion week. I guess this might be old news, but I only just saw that picture (and being touted for fall '09?)

I was thinking the other day that a chunky/speedy knit might be in order for me soon and that I should re-visit those Twinkle books again. Then I saw that picture and thought "ok if the Barbie-esque model is making that thing marginal, what hope do I have?" Still, I can't help but be drawn to her stuff over and over again.

It is nice to see something a bit "sunny" in terms of knitting right now, especially in the midst of this sea of navy of mine (fortunately drawing to a close...)

(this pic is pretty washed out...)

It dawned on me as I was attempting to sew this together the other night that I could not see a FREAKING thing I was doing. A combination of dark yarn and a poorly lit living room begat an impromptu trip to Ikea in the hopes of finding some kind of knitting specific wall sconce so that I could actually knit every evening without somehow relying on "intuition" or "the force". I am not too proud to tell you that I strapped a headlamp to my head just to get started on the seaming. Who knew those things could be as useful for fiberarts as they are for "spelunking". (yeah, I just busted out that word pffft.)

And still more blah-coloured knitting:

At this point I am already itching to start something new.


Team Knit ! said...

It's funny, but that Twinkle sweater seems to keep making a comeback every year! Makes me think that it must be some kind of new classic. I've been wanting ot knit something from a Twinkle pattern for ages, but haven't ever got around to it.

that blue sweater is looking fabulous, by the way! Love that shade.

- Julie

eliza said...

i know what you mean! february just isn't the month for quiet neutral knitting. it's the month for indulgently bright impulse knits.

Ella said...

Ha! Knitting can be just as dangerous as spelunking! Sharp, pointy things flying about? Yeah.

I, too, have had need of light recently, as I picked up stitches for my raspberry sweater. We need to come out with a line of knitting specific lamps...

Can't wait to see the navy right side out!

e said...

That cardigan is looking suuuper cute.

I just finished one, I haven't finished a cardigan in months and months - it makes me want to knit a million more. Good thing summer is coming up. haha.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I feel like that twinkle sweater is too similar to the tunic in the Big City Knits book. Time for something new, maybe. I really want to knit one of her sweaters, I'm just not convinced that something so bulky would be very slimming.

Anonymous said...

I'm at the opposite end of the color spectrum. I finished a coral sweater, and I'm almost done with a plum one, with some other bright stuff mixed in... I really need some neutrals in my life!!!

Jeanette said...

I hear you on the Twinkle thing. There's something so sexy about the idea of knitting a fashionable sweater so quickly... the only thing that's UNsexy is how unflattering they look on many people. That being said, I think some people can pull 'em off. And you're cute, so I bet you can!

I just finished the Karate Sweater (pics on my ravelry page later today/tomorrow) and it turned out really cute. It's airy enough that it doesn't do the linebacker/fat chick thing that a lot of the sweaters have going on. I'm interested to see which one you knit :)

Julia said...

How many times is Wenlan gonna drag out that same sweater? Well, considering we both keep being drawn to her stuff, maybe forever!

Good lighting is crucial. Seaming a navy sweater? That's a sit-down-with a-pot-of-coffee-by-the-window-on-a-Sunday-afternoon kinda thing!

And love the scarf - probably the most fun scarf I've knit!

Anonymous said...

I need a picture of you with the headlight strapped on. That will make my day.