Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Marie, she knit something!

in an effort to try and get some of my knitting mojo BACK, I busted out a quick hat.

free pattern: Robin's egg blue hat from Rachel Lufer
yarn: leftover Patons Shetland Chunky in "wine" (less that 1 ball?)
needles: 5mm
vintage button from an antique sale.

At this point in my knitting career I have ENTIRELY too many hats. It's time to do a serious purge.

This one's very cute and is a great well-written pattern (and did I mention free?!), though kinda not really my style. I think it'll make an excellent gift, and I will likely stash-bust out a few more as prezzies. I've had a moratorium on all yarn purchases lately, due to some very recent (and questionable) spending on my part, so it's time I re-visisted the possible surprises in my stash anyway!

It's July? are you sure? My sister bought me that shirt at Giant Tiger for 4 bucks--I kind of feel a bit like I'm channeling Flight of the Conchords in it, but she bought it more as an homage to this (if you have some time and want a laugh, read the reviews on amazon.)

Ironic t-shirts aside, I wish I could chalk my non-attempts at knitting up to summer-time frolicking (in truth this is partly true) but mostly it is that my dreaded Carpel Tunnel has reared it's ugly head again. I'm hoping it'll all just heal up on it's own before it gets to the point that I need surgery or something.

I've really only started one new thing...

...and the times that I do pick it up are fleeting at best. It's another attempt at a wedding shrug, not unlike this one, so that's not very exciting.

I'm pretty much just countin' down the days until my summer vay-cay at this point.


Anonymous said...

The button is a great touch.

I love the t-shirt but I think I would be tempted to wear a button that says "I'm wearing this in an ironic way" with it.

susannahbean said...

bummer about your carpel tunnel! i absolutely love the wolf shirt! my boyfriend chris and i drove from illinois to california a few summers ago and were on a mission to find the best of the bad tshirts. we did, in new mexico. glow-in-the-dark howling wolf... awesome.

Sarah said...

Love that post title - hope your wrists are better soon

Julia said...

This is where I tell you again...good time to learn crochet??? New motion for your wrist!

littlebirdbigcity said...

I looove the color of that shrug! I hope it turns out!

kgirl said...

fingers crossed for you that the carpel tunnel stays at bay - maybe that wolf will keep it scared?!!

love the little cap, very cute colour

Team Knit ! said...

that hat is too cute and the button is perfect!! I hope your carpal tunnel goes away.

- Julie

Anonymous said...

Put those knitting needles down and do nothing of that sort. Have a break and enjoy the summer. Please.

I've got issues with my wrists and elbows and had to learn to pace myself. It took three months to recover.

Take it easy matey. Thank you.

PS: I've gotta make it onto that gift list of yours, love the hat!