Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cute knit overload dot com

I know, I know, I am presently M.I.A.

And this post: purely fluff, I'm warning you now. Just popping in to say: "I haven't died, I'm on vacation, I'm lazy, new knitting is coming, please forgive me".

By way of apology, please enjoy these adorable animals in knitwear:

(this guinea pig is enough to make me change my mind about crochet...er, yeah.)

All images courtesy of cuteoverload.com, naturally. If you've never been on that site something is seriously wrong with you. I am pretty much obsessively there on a weekly basis. (Maybe the problem is mine?...I also subscribe to Maru's blog). Ok, confession time: lately my cuteness obsession has extended to "favouriting" cute bunny photos on flickr. I am obviously a softie at heart.

like this:

(flickr i.d: Little Bay Poo)

and this:

But then that would be me getting away from knitting...

If nothing else I can stop agonizing over what to knit as these sites have provided me with the perfect wedding shrug pattern:

kitteh shrug! (image also courtesy of cute overload)

Tommorrow I am off to soak up some cottage-style rays with my knitter-in-crime Julia. Par for the course we will likely obligingly pull out the knitting for 5 minutes before abandoning it all for beer, board games and charred veggie dogs.

Can't wait!


kgirl said...

hee, I saw that guinea pig photo on one of the forums over on Ravelry - love the mouth on it!

and how pissy does that cat in the first photo look?!! so cat like. We also had a Burmese that used to hang around my partner's neck, and on his head - daft what we find funny, isn't it?!

Team Knit ! said...

adorable animals! wearing knits!! the cute is epic.

- Julie

littlebirdbigcity said...

the guinea pig?!! i just died a little.