Friday, February 12, 2010

I heart u

In honour of Valentine's day...some knits that are heart-shaped!

pattern: Winged Heart tattoo from Anny Purls.
yarn: mostly Patons classic...Red for the heart, Aran for the felted wings. For the yellow banner I used Mirasol contanani, and the "embroidery" yarn is Patons Grace in black.
needles: 4mm I think

This little guy has been in my queue for EVAH. And what better time to knit it I suppose...

My only issue are my "wings" which as you can tell from the photos are near-invisible they are so small. I know they are optional, but I think they kind of "make" it, so I am probably going to do them again. I sent them through the wash twice to felt them...the stitches were too visible still for my liking on my first round of felting, which is why I sent it through again. Technically it's the right size (the template she provides for the wings is what I used to cut out the felt) but I've obviously made my heart big enough to obscure them (yeah I know, I did not check my gauge and I am definitely a loose knitter). Details, details!

Why does one even knit something like this you ask? why for FUN, of course! I suppose it qualifies as a toy. Ideally I should make a HUMUNGOUS version of this and use it as an actual pillow!

thank-you Nathaniel for grudingly "modelling" these for me!

I contemplated doing the "mom" embroidery for my mother for Valentine's day, but in the end went with "love". I'm actually thinking that I may incorporate his little knitting into our official wedding photos somehow (but that's another story). So I gave my mom some other heart-shaped knits instead:

Heart-shaped dishcloths!
needles: 5.5mm
yarn: mostly stash-busted lionbrand cottonease

Not much to say about these apart from "Much Cuteness"(and a fast knit!)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Julie said...

aww, both projects are awesome!! I should really try some seasonal knitting one of these days.... yours are awesome!

Sayschnicklefritz said...

Oh please, please make a gigantic version of the winged heart! The one you have is great, and a super big one would be super great.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I love that winged heart. LOVE. Just like it says.

Yuliana said...

Love both projects!
The dishcloths are cutteeeeee!

Rainy Daisy said...

Why wouldn't a person knit a tattoo-esque heart?