Sunday, February 07, 2010

She of the warm neck

ok I hate to go all Heidi Montag on everyone but looking at this picture as I post it is making me contemplate some kind of ear-related-plastic-surgery.

I kid!

pattern: Drawstring cabled cowl from Michele Wang
yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand dyes in "Chocolate" (2 skeins). Expensive, but awesome.
needles: US #9

I know I've said it before but I love miss Mischi2x and all of her fab cowl patterns! And she has also seriously inspired me to knit with a more neutral palette lately. I've always been a bit of a "neutrals" girl to begin with (my main exception here being my rampant affection for all things sixties-mod) but in knitting tended to go for some bolder colours. (I think I always felt like I should be accesorizing "brightly" to make up for my overall drab) but no more I say! Lately I'm really starting to get into all the taupes/beiges and caramels this world has to offer (really those are the cowls and scarves I alway reach for anyway, but now I'm finally beginning to own it.

And the added bonus?

POM-POMS! (testicles of the knitting world!)

Actually they're not quite so sad looking anymore, I've since torn them out and made them bigger/fluffier (that's what she said)--ok that joke didn't quite work but I still felt it HAD to be used here. Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, what really happened was: yours truly fell asleep on the sofa unwittingly laying on said cowl, and woke up to discover bits of yarn all over herself (yeah, I had destroyed the pom-poms, oopsy). So they were re-built bigger and better.

And more on the full-disclosure front: I also tore out the side slip cloche to re-use the yarn for it. Never one to bow to peer pressure this move has flown in the face of many knitters out there recommending I leave the hat as it was. Sorry Ravelry friends!

I have lots of new things on the sticks lately too, as well as a couple more completed "shrugs". I'm sick of talking about those stinking shrugs though. I keep tweaking little things on them trying to get the pattern "just so", or not loving the colours I've chosen etc...this was the latest:

Knit in Patons Silk Bamboo, I even threw a flower in my hair to make it look more "wedding-y" for you...

Nothing like a flower and some lace to dress up any T-shirt! At this point I'd be happy to just get married in jeans. I seriously am the worst bride evah. Aye yi yi, where is my suicide machine? As I type this there is another white one blocking upstairs in a cotton/bamboo blend. I don't think I can even bring myself to take pictures of it. Even as I was castiing off I was thinking "maybe I should dye this yellow?"...honestly, why do I obsess over these things?

All part of the self-effacing magic-that-is-me I guess!


subliminalrabbit said...

what's wrong with that shrug? it looks cute!

i do the same thing re: color and knitting. when i head to the lys, i always go for the bright blues and greens, and sometimes even pink! and then i have nothing that matches anything else in my closet. i am also trying to rectify this... the latest sweater? oatmeal. it'll go with everything!

Thea said...

testicles of the knitting world. Beautiful. I like the cowl much - even as I look at it and think BALLS now, still I like it... I like the shrug too, but you're the one who has to be happy, yes?

Not so sure on the need for ear surgery -- you can just wear the flower everywhere. Cheaper.

Julie said...

love the cowl, and the shrug!! both are gorgeous.

Pinchie said...

That cowl is amazing! I have to stop reading your blog - everytime I do, I see something so cute I have to knit it. right. now.

I like the latest version of the wedding shawl. How long do you think before you rip it out? ;-)

Julia said...

Your ears are is the cowl. I freakin' LOVE pom-poms (which has me a little disturbed by the testes comment)

The shrugs? Stick a fork in 'em! Lacey silk bamboo? Nice fit? You're done!

Allyson said...

I love that cowl! The pom poms are adorable. I always feel like if I stare at one color a lot then I start to hate it and wish I picked a different color. But as soon as I'm finished knitting then I love it! I just have to deal with the second guessing while I'm knitting hoping that this formula never fails.

Melissa said...

You turned me onto Michele Wang and the eternity cowl and now mine is one of my most favorite knitted items. I can't wait to make this one too - it's gorgeous!

Rima said...

It is beautiful! Love both of them!

Lauren E. said...

Your side slip cloche was what made me knit mine (which I love!). I mourn its' passing. : )
But the cowl is beautiful!
The shrug is for your wedding? (I'm not caught up, as I just found your blog a few months ago) I don't know what time of year or temperature you are knitting for, but I'm guessing warmish if it's lace. But I have an idea for you: A large wedding "cowl" that you can pull down over your upper arms when you get chilly! Sort of like a tighter poncho style. Or maybe not . . .

Reckless Glue said...

I really love the big cowl idea for the wedding (I wish it was a winter wedding so I could REALLY get away with that!)...but we're getting hitched in Vegas so I'll likely be BOILING as it is!