Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dude Cowls

Time for my favourite topic: cowls!

Only this time the cowls in question are not for me, but for my significant other...

stripey cowl

No pattern to speak of...I think I cast on 100 stitches, started and ended in a 1X1 rib that sandwiched the rest of the cowl in stockinette. I increased a bit in the stockinette for a little more floppiness, but then decreased again for the last bit of ribbing. I ran out of the darker grey, otherwise I probably would have made sure to end on the same coloured striping.

I love this simplicity of this, and have a feeling I will likely be getting more wear out of it than the hubby. The yarn's beautiful and has been in my stash for ages... Fable handknit's pure baby alpaca.

It's funny, Nathaniel is not really what I consider to be a "flashy guy", he really is a very conservative dresser, despite being in a number of garage/punk/stoner rock sorta bands...but I'd say his overall aesthetic is a bit more uh undertones:

(sweaters, collared shirts, argyle... all things non threatening in the power pop persuasion I guess) as oppossed to you know, this:

(which as far as punk rock goes is a pretty non threatening look as well I'd venture, sorry Dee Dee)

But whatever, my point being that he finds the above cowl "TOO FLASHY" (yes, it is simply grey with stripes and totally boring) but nevertheless I will likely be the only one wearing it...

Which is why (yes I am coming to a point here) I was further baffled when he chose another cowl pattern for himself out of Cowlgirls. Possibly the girliest, flashiest collection of cowl patterns available, and more baffling still, chose the girliest one in the book!

just bead it cowl

Truly I have to give him credit for managing to see past all the shiny yarns and accompanying beaded necklace! But's still lace. It doesn't exactly scream "macho".

Still he's makin' it work:

(seriously it was almost 40 BELOW when I took that picture)

I used a Cascade 220 superwash to make it (and obviously omitted the beaded "necklace"). I had to knit about 5 more sections of the final pattern repeat to make it long enough for him.

I think he likes it because it's a bit of an barbell shape that is looser on the will stay tight up around his face and keep him warm without falling down and the benefit of the lace is that he can keep it on his nose but still breathe through the "holes" as he calls them.


Kind of a smart choice in the end--Who'd a thunk it? (not me, clearly).


Allyson said...

I love your dude cowls! I made my BF a dude cowl that was all seed stitch and had kind of a fun fold in it to jazz it up a bit - but he hates the fold. One of these days I'll unseam it and seam it with no fold. But as it is he only wears it when it is 40 below! So I think I've got some time :)

Sayschnicklefritz said...

While bonkers that he found the striped cowl too flashy, your man has a good eye. I NEVER would have thought to make that second cowl for a man, but it totally works. He's a secret style savant.

thea said...

First of all, love the "dude cowl" title! Second, he can rock the cowl. He looks good in it... Maybe it's the glasses?

A Playful Day said...

Haha this reminded me of when I was first dating my significant other and I was living with my parents for the summer, in the suburbs. He came down from London and immediately removed his man scarf, saying 'This feels to flamboyant for leafy suburbia now'. Apparently 'flamboyant' is ok for London. The word made me chuckle.

Julia said...

Ha! I love what men consider "flashy".