Tuesday, February 08, 2011

old yarns, new F.O's

Geez looks like I'm averaging about a post a month these days...that can't be good.

What is good though? This scarf:

Bertie scarf

free pattern: Bertie scarf by Kate Blackburn
yarn: 3 balls of Rowan Tapestry (70% wool/30% soy) in "antique" (I think it's discontinued now)
needles: 4.5mm
mods: no beads, knit to about 70 inches

I'm kind of obsessed with this F.O right now. I think it's one of the nicest things I've knit in a while, and it's been so long since I've made anything with a bit of colour (muted colour, granted) let alone "varigated" for myself.

The yarn's been in my stash for a long time, in fact it was one of the first decent yarns I bought when I first started knitting so I'm sure it's been in my stash for at least 5 or 6 years now. It is actually somewhat of a relief to have finally used it up. (Though full disclosure: I still have another 5 balls of it in a different colour that I also need to find something to do with!)

Years ago I made a half-clapotis out of it, but found it too small so I never really wore it and subsequently gifted it shortly thereafter.

The Bertie scarf has kind of a similar aesthetic to the Clapotis (but no dropped stitches) and I was hell-bent on using up every ounce of it which brought this bad boy to a whopping 70 inches.

I tried to block it out as wide as possible, othewise it might have been a lot longer still. It really did block out gorgeously, and I now have a real sense of stash-busting satisfaction!

In other knit-news, I know that I repeatedly seem to be saying "I am not a toy knitter", but for some reason one always manages to squeak it's way out.

(Though this one was actually for a grown-ass 40-something Scottish dude, so I'm not sure what possessed me...)


pattern: Loch Ness Monster by Hansi Singh
yarn: more stash-busted patons classic in "Dark Olive" and some other kind of green for her tummy
needles: 4.5mm?

(I think I may have over-stuffed her a bit!)

The Scottish dude in question is my co-worker Roddy who had a big Inventory project coming up that I decided he needed a wee mascot for. Hence, Inventory-Nessie was born! She lives comfortably at his desk now so I can still visit her whenever I want to.

I am chomping at the bit right now to start on a few smaller projects but am holding off until this monkey is off my back (or owlie is off my back I guess..)

owlie mitts

It is probably not immediately obvious in these pictures, but there is actually a giant booboo I've made that I didn't notice until I was about halfway done mitt #2. But no matter, it is an excuse for me to re-knit mitt #1 about two sizes down, and I know I will be much much happier with the end result when all is said and done.

For whatever reason I feel grudgingly devoted to it (even though I appear to be only averaging about three rows a day) and incapable of starting anything new while this one is still on the go.

But, I do have MORE cowls to talk about later.

Cowls are always the exception.


littlebirdbigcity said...

I adore the little monster! I wish I wasn't too grown up for toys (aside from the teddy bear I sleep with every night, the only exception). I guess I need more children in my life to knit for. I love the mitts, too. Absolutely beautiful.

1funkyknitwit said...

Your scarf looks lovely and my little man would LOVE your Nessi. Your owl mitts are gorgeous I love that pattern too but the knitting part overwhelms so I'll live vicariously through you..ahhah

Cowls are the best, don't even get me started on how I could talk about them ;D

e said...

those mittens are so adorable!!!

kgirl said...

ha, you and me both on the once-a-month-blogpost!! time, where are thee, I ask???!

love that scarf with the diagonal and horizontal striping - very nice ;)

kgirl said...

ha, you and me both on the once-a-month-blogpost!! time, where are thee, I ask???!

love that scarf with the diagonal and horizontal striping - very nice ;)