Wednesday, July 04, 2007

clapotis redux

pattern: clapotis from Knitty (*BUT a half version --see explanation below)
yarn: Rowan Tapestry (70% wool & 30% soy) in colour #173 "antique"
needles: 5mm Clover bamboo straights

(image deleted)

Ok, well I think this may well be the same yarn that the lovely miss J did her clapotis in, and I had about 5 balls of the stuff and was dying to do another one for myself. Couple that with the never-ending chevron which I was desperate to take a break from, and well, there you have it.

Man o man did this ever knit up fast. I really wanted to do more of a "scarf" version. My previous clapotis was the enormous full-sized version, and it still remains the nicest yarn I've ever worked with. I'm seriously thinking about INVESTING in silk dream, it feels SO beautiful to wear. I pretty much wore that thing day in and day out. Not so with the Rowan Tapestry--it will no doubt be strictly a winter scarf.

I managed to find a pattern for a smaller version of the clapotis at k pixie, which for some reason I am now unable to find online(***update at bottom***). I essentially did this version of the clapotis, but then doubled the number of straight rows it suggested. It would have been way to short for my liking if I'd followed their specifications. In retrospect, I'd probably go back and actually triple the number of straight rows with this particular yarn. It fell a few inches shorter than I would have liked, but I knew I could probably get this from the majic that is blocking.

(image deleted)

Blocking really made this yarn beautiful. The fibres really needed to be flattened out, and again, I got a lot more length out of it. I think if I had done the full-sized clapotis with this yarn I likely wouldn't have bothered blocking and kept it nice and wavy, but since it's now half as narrow, it was just way too curly to be able to wear properly. It really only took me just under two balls to complete this, and it was essentially done in a couple of evenings. The great thing about doing a half-clapotis is that you get to start dropping stitches almost right away, and that's the fun part!

I haven't decided yet whether I'm keeping it for myself or gifting it. I have enough of that yarn left that I may actually try the argosy in it as well. I'm just not sure if the colours do anything for me.

(image deleted)

As I knit it up I was convinced it was browns and that I look at it, it's mauves and golds. I do like the way it looks as though the sun is streaming onto it when it's laid out flat.

(image deleted)

I was just about to go into my long-ass schpiel about buttons, but then I realized duh, I don't have the requisite photos handy. And also, this is already entirely too long as I talk endlessly about things that are no doubt obvious.

***update*** --here's the link to the "mini" clapotis:


Miss Muffy said...

Woah - deja-vu! Yup, that's the same yarn in the same colour I did my clap in! I can tell ya from experience it looks totally awesome with brown and totally crap with green. I need to knit another one in a different colour for the sole purpose of wearing it with my green winter coat. That can wait until fall!

Virtuous said...

It is gorgeous! If you find the pattern online again please let us know! I would love to have it!

Reckless Glue said...

found it!

Reckless Glue said...

ok did that work? seems cut off...

Sarah said...

Hey there - nice to have you back, The interknit has not been the same without you. Seems like it's the scarf factory over here now instead of hats. Thanks so much for that link to the mini clap - I want to do the full version but seems like it may take me forever so this looks like a great compromise.

Reckless Glue said...

I think everyone should do that pattern at least once!

Virtuous said...

Yep it is cut off! (luckily I happen to come back to check the comments! LOL)

Do you mind e-mailing it to me please to: crimsondiva1999ATyahooDOTcom?