Thursday, July 19, 2007

This baby prefers uggs to drugs

Another item for my BFF's first born girlie:

pattern: Suede Booties
yarn: I dunno...scraps. I pilfered my mom's stash again. Saved me from having to actually buy any of that white stuff (the white stuff which I can only describe as feeling like "damp toilet paper")
needles: 3.25 mm bamboo straights

If only things for ME could knit up this quickly!

Not much to say about this, apart from they are SO cute, I hope she likes them! They probably only took about three hours to knit in total. I notice there is also a corresponding hat that you can knit as well, though I think I'll likely give that a pass. Though hmmm, one in an adult size for yours truly might be okay...

(image deleted)

A totally cute knit. If you find yourself in need of something last second for a baby shower, I'd definitely recommend it.

I've currently got three other things on the sticks right now. My kidsilk scarf is chugging along. It's pretty much been my "work only" knit which I'd attempt a pattern repeat of every lunch hour. I've finally clued in that this is not a work friendly project. Evidenced by the fact that I've had to rip it back about 3 times now. It just requires way too much concentration and should not be attempted while simultaneously trying to do the crossword and maintain a work-gossip conversation. Who knew? But then looking at all these yarn overs, I guess that's no surprise:

This yarn is gorgeous--I absolutely love it!

I've also finally started the Kitty Pi bed for my youngest son in Noro big kureyon, which I'm starting to think is actually too nice of a yarn for this kind of project. Particularly when I a) already have so much lopi I should be using up and b) it's eventually going to get felted and subsequently matted with cat fur anyway. Ah well, these kitties are my babies...I'm actually not that far into that bed and am already bored with it. I inititally entertained the notion of knitting up a whole bunch of them to use up that lopi, and then donating them to my local humane society, but I guess I'll see how the first one goes. One bad experience with felting has left me somewhat wary of this particular project.

The third thing I actually cast on for last night in a fit of boredom with the other two projects. It was intended to be my summertime knit since it's 100% cotton, and I am finally getting around to starting it:

(image deleted)

It's the dropped stitch vest from Stitch n Bitch Nation. Size 3.5mm needles and 24 gauge mercerized cotton in BLACK means that I have officially begun another big, long, tedious project. Miles and miles of tiny stockinette. You don't even get to the fun part of dropping stitches until the very end. I think I knit 5 rows of it last night and it took me about an hour. One hour for half an inch. Plus I'm starting to clue in to why my mom always claimed to hate knitting with black wool--it really is difficult to see what's going on with the stitches. And the sizing I'm not so sure about. They have the medium as a 38 bust, and then the large suddenly jumps to a 48 bust, so I'm kind of torn. I'm definitely no 48, yet I am still fearful of knitting a "medium".

I'm not entirely sure how much knitting I'll even have time for in the next couple of weeks. Could be tons, could be none. Either way, there is some serious relaxing ahead!


Sarah said...

Supah cute!

More great knitting going on over here as ever. It's funny that the Lopi tote makes you think you should have knitted the French Market Bag as your tote is making me reconsider my plans for the FMB.

Miss Muffy said...

We are so on the same knitting wavelength it's ridiculous.

Reckless Glue said...

miss muffy, SO true!

Sarah -- it's a tough call, they do look quite similar. The handles on mine are quite floppy and annoying, it causes the bag to gap open. At least the handles on the FMB seem longer and you might actually be able to sling it over you should check out the message boards on knitty about it, no doubt those folks might be able to convince you one way or the other...

Jes said...

Wow... I wonder if I could adapt those baby Uggs for me - I think they'd be totally wicked slippers!

Reckless Glue said...

hells yeah.

mishi2x said...

omg, you make me pee - damp toilet paper. HA!!!

And, I'm curious about the Noro yarn myself - glad you like it. I'll have to give it a try!