Thursday, July 05, 2007

howzabout a cuteness injection?

If anyone mentions Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson here, I might have to kill them. Particularly when I myself own a couple pairs of converse that are in fact older than those two 'lil ladies. (It's true, I am old. I have two pairs of chucks that I've had since I was 13, so those babies are twenty freakin' years old now!). The red pair and the green pair. Remember when we would wear a different coloured shoe on each foot? (to go with the three pairs of swatch watches you were wearing at the same time of course...). Man I am so dating myself here. But in my defense, those sneakers got packed away for a long time and are presently in better shape than the other four pairs I own! Someone needs to come up with a baby bootie pattern for my Stan Smith's so I can bust those out of hiding too.

Anyhoozle -- on to the specs:
This was a pattern that I bought off etsy, from this seller. All the yarn I used were stash/scraps...mostly acrylics I think. I inititally tried double-stranding the white yarn so it would be a cushier sole, but the white I was using was way too bulky for it. That one came out like this:

Not so hot. So I re-did them (top photo) and am happy with how they turned out. The pattern's great...very quick, very detailed, super-easy to follow, and she provides lots of photos to help you along the way. I notice she's also selling an "adult" version of the knitted chucks as slippers too which were pretty funny.

I've changed up my blogger colours a bit. Mostly 'cuz I think I effed something up with my last post. I tried to fix it but miles and miles of html was making my head hurt and I wasn't sure where the problem was, but I was getting this big weird long gap on my sidebar. Who knows what I did, gah. I was gettin' tired of the pink anyway ;) Hopefully this one won't give me any grief. (knocks wood)


Miss Muffy said...

Nice chucks! I'm going to be knitting up some 'o' them baby Uggs soon. I wouldn't wear them, but they're great for babies!

I really need to change my blogger template too. I've messed with the html so much and I don't know what the hell I'm doing!

Reckless Glue said...

Totally-- baby uggs are next on my to-do list too!

my template is still effed up as well--there's a weird white line on the right. Part of me doesn't care, but the perfectionist in me is really irritated by it. Hello I'm using a template, it should not be screwy. grrr.

Sarah said...

Super cute! They win the best booties I've ever seen award but I'm looking forward to the Uggs.


I just wanted you to know that the pattern for those is available for free. Not sure if you are on Ravelry, but I made a pair awhile back and posted it. Check my blog.