Tuesday, July 10, 2007

new buttons!

(image deleted)

The garter stitch jacket and hat is now "officially" a finished object! Kiss it good bye on my sidebar. And it's an excuse for me to show off some of my lovely dawn dolls...that's me--crazy cat-lady, crazy doll-lady. I am seriously hopeless.

I finally got around to sewing buttons on to the little sucker, and once I actually set my mind to it, there were a lot of cute options out there. And by "set my mind to it" I actually mean that I couldn't MAKE UP my effing mind, so I wound up spending, oh, about 30 bucks on dinky buttons. ack. It was no repro depot button BONANZA or anything, but i'll take it. I'm still pissed that they won't ship here. Don't they know that I NEED my pity kitties?!

For some reason I was obsessing on the fact that it had to be apples. And there were lots of cute apple buttons out there, but nothing that was quite the right colour.

(image deleted)

And then I tried out these little cowboy boots since Marnie is into all things "cowgirl", but I wasn't liking how they worked either.

(image deleted)

And it was also very nearly these lucky cats, but again, too cutesy.

In the end I went for the same buttons I was originally thinking about, but in a colour that was a little more matchy-matchy. That coral colour was a serious bitch to "compliment"!

Here's a close-up, plain Jane buttons, just like her Aunt Cara!

(image deleted)

Sometimes simpler is better. It's the old adage of trying to cram ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag I guess.

Is it me, or did I swear a lot during this post?

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