Monday, January 22, 2007

Clapotis tout finis

The clapotis is finally off the sticks! I finished it thursday night and it is a BEAST of a thing (and let us never speak of it again):

I've since blocked it so it's lookin' a bit better than in that photo, and apart from a flaw that likely only I can see I'm pretty happy with it. I hate blocking and try to avoid it at all costs, but am always impressed with the finished results when I do get off my lazy butt to do it. In fact I hate just any form of finishing up anything really. You spend all this time knitting and you just want it to be DONE. You don't really want to have to still be working on it for several hours afterwards. So I try to block things as a batch, and as a result sometimes they pile up and simply do not get done. The computer/craft room right now is covered in towels.

This finished cardigan is upstairs drying right now as well:

(image deleted)

(that's the before shot...) It's just so lumpy. I fell in love with the pattern because it's from the 1940's and the one in the pattern is 100% angora. Naturally the yarn was not even remotely affordable. I wish I could remember what it wound up being made of...some kind of mohair & wool mix, though it looks nothing like how I wanted it to. Blocking is my last ditch effort. Patterns from the forties are so short and when you have boobs (as I do...) a cardigan becomes even shorter. And I don't do "cropped", so I am desperately trying to give it some length (AND shorten up it's monkey arms) before ripping it altogether. It's making me sad.

Also finished the brown and orange Scheepjes ribbed scarf this weekend:

and apart from all the knitting, crafting, cleaning, french classes and eating out that was my weekend, there was also some serious spending. Wanna sneak peak?

(image deleted)

Whereas last weekend my problem was sea of greens, this week it seems to be pinks. At any rate, time to stop buying it and start knitting it. I have two new small items on the sticks which I'll try and post later on. Welcome to Monday.


Miss Muffy said...

I also said "clapotis tout finit" on my final clap post! I should have warned you not to block it! Gaah! Blocking means it won't drape in waves. Oh well, it'll still be a really nice scarf/shawl/stole...whatever! I understand your sweater frustration. I have yet to knit one I'm happy with. I think 2007 may just be my year though...

Reckless Glue said...

great minds think alike I guess! No, I'm happy with the blocking because it's smoothed it out a bit, and now I can actually wear it as a scarf(as opposed to a massive blanket draped around my neck!). I think if it was smaller I wouldn't have bothered, I'd like to do a nice varigated one like yours and then I def. won't block it.

None of my comments on your blog ever seem to post ---are you even receiving them? yarghhhhhhh.